Deep Wounds not working properly

Bug Report
The damage from a single crit of Deep Wounds in either hand has correct tick sizes.

However, I am noticing weird things happening and would say that it's BUGGED:

  • It ticks 7 times sometimes, when critting with auto-attacks within 1s of eacthother, and the 2nd crit's input is delayed 2 seconds, dealing damage on the 2nd tick
  • It ticks 8 times sometimes
  • Spell crits such as Avalanche no longer produce DWounds
  • Multiple Whirlwind crits only put DWounds on one target
  • Multiple Herioc Leap crits no longer produce DWounds
  • Off-Hand Raging Blow no longer produces Deep Wounds
  • Main-Hand Raging Blow sometimes doesn't produce Deep Wounds
  • Fiery Attack no longer produces Deep Wounds
  • Intercept no longer produces Deep Wounds
  • Dual-Critting MH+OH Raging Blow either does not produce Deep Wounds, or only provides 5 ticks
While I don't have the details Landsoul has, I can at least go ahead and confirm that my Fury Warrior on Recount logs has seen her "percent of total damage" done as Deep Wounds drop from roughly 16% to roughly 7%, which is more loss to her Deep Wounds ticks than a 5% physical damage "nerf" (a relative term, as it is not factoring in the melee attack power changes) would account for. I am willing to guess that, as Landsoul said, it is not applying properly in the way it ought to and that it is probably a bug.
Add crits from strike of opportunity (arms mastery) randomly not applying deep wounds.

edit: And overpower.
I would also like to confirm this bug. Deep Wounds' damage is much lower since the 4.3 patch.
I have definitely been noticing this a great deal, it is NOT in our own heads or caused by any listed changes. Please address this before hard-mode progression starts.
Thank you for the concise details, I've seen a significant decrease which is greater than what our 5% nerf could cause. I've confirmed a lot of the points above as well.
Please hot fix this
well...all in all.....
fury dps warriors' deep wound totol damege decrease 40%

it makes our totol damage lower 6~8%
Excellent, came to report this and found a thread already here started by none other than Landsoul! Hopefully it gets attention.

I can confirm that myself and our other resident Warrior are experiencing the same steep drop in Deep Wounds damage when comparing same-boss kills from last week to this week.
I noticed this as well. Lost about an additional 5-7% overall damage (on top of the accounted for changes) through deep wounds alone.
Confirmed Bug also on my half from looking at logs from 4.2 to 4.3
Same. Compared my own logs and deep wound's percentage for overall damage.

This has been raised in several places. I would like to see a blue post today or tomorrow confirming a bug, saying they are looking into it, or say it is intended.
i sure hope it wasn't intended, and i cant imagine it was.
Pretty hard to even get competitive playing warrior now, I do hope blizz take a good look in all this feedback and actually take action to bring us up.
Noticing the same things as above
I'm crap geared, not fully enchanted and probably not properly gemmed, but I can at least confirm that since the patch my Deep Wounds damage has plummeted and, seeing everyone else's comments, can assume that this isn't just an issue of me not knowing how to play.
I can confirm all of this. My deep wounds is doing 40-50% less damage than it normally does.
Can confirm the reduced deep wounds as fury too. Respeced and reforged to arms until this is fixed.

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