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As the title says, I cannot delete certain characters. i've reached the limit and I'm looking to make space for Mists later on by getting rid of a random low lv character, but because I haven't been able to recently. I keep getting told that the character either has mail or an item in void storage, or an heirloom and cannot be deleted. That is not the case. Void storage isn't activated, I sold all the items (character has no items whatsoever) and I deleted all my main (and even got rid of the anniversary item). The character is completly naked so to speak. I can't figure out why I cannot delete it. I also cannot delete ANY other character either. Not just that one. Even a Lv1 that has never logged on before. Re-opening WoW doesn't chage that fact either. Any ideas?

If you're entirely sure they are devoid of mail, BoA's, no pending auctions, not GM's, etc, this sounds like something you'd want to open a ticket for. As I can't think of anything else that could stop you from deleting toons. Be aware the ticket queue is long. So have patience, they will get to you.

If you mailed any items to another character, pick those items up out of the mail. Also, make sure you delete everything in that character's mailbox, including the letter that the 7th Anniversary gift came with.
Chances are you received the 7yr mail on that toon. Go check it out and make sure you delete the letter after you loot the mail.
I too am having the same problem. Stripped a lvl 1 troll rogue that was played for 10 minutes down to the buff, destroyed everything in mailbox and inventory but it keeps telling me he has something. I think it's related to void storage being introduced because the error says there could be something in there too.
It seems as though in the majority of these cases, players received the 7 year anniversary gift and have not removed it from the mail. I can take a look if you wish to see if I can see anything else that would cause you not to delete the character.

Frostfel & Shadowx -- Can you both provide me a character name and realm, please?

See, that's not the issue. I deleted the annivesary item. I deleted everything on the toon. I never maield anything. Like I also said, other characters cannot be deleted as well. The ones I'm looking to delete arenamed 'Fusil' lv 13 Dwarf Hunter and Yale lv 27 Dranei Warrior, both on Kul Tiras. Both have deleted anniversary items and none of my ohter cahracters ahve any mail from them.

- Frosty
If you are in the game currently, Frostfel, I need for you to exit the game completely. Load the game again and try to delete the two characters once more.
Not sure what you did, but I got it. Thanks, It worked.

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- Frosty

Glad you both were able to fix the issue. :D
I'm not sure how you resolved it, but I'm having the exact same issue. I've completely stripped and destroyed everything in her mail box, she doesn't have a single heirloom and being a level 1 I played for maybe five minutes she doesn't have void storage. I was able to delete characters two days ago, but now it simply won't allow me to.
Same thing is happening to me too. Cant delete my characters
Sorry to say I'm having the same problem. Cleared out all mail including the 7 yr, and no void storage.

/edit cuz I speel gud
same him down to the nude and cant delete him..just a waste of space
Yeah, same here, gotta toon that's wasting some gracious spacious. How the ff can I get rid of them?
I'm also having trouble deleting toons i dont want... i think it has something to do with void storage.
I suggest you all open a support ticket.
Could you provide me character names and realms so I can take a look? I see several of you are having the issue, but I need to be able to look at a character to check. :)
I set up a free account while I was travelling... and now want to remove that toon and cancel the account to free up that email should I ever need to use it.

Gnemisis.. on Whisperwind .... Can you figure out why she can't be deleted?

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