Earthen Ring 4.3 Crafting List

Earthen Ring
Please post what character you have acquired any of the patterns on so that I may update the list.


Lavaquake Legwraps - [A]Averiy (Riddle of Steel)
Bracers of Unconcquered Power - [A]Averiy (Riddle of Steel), [H]Alories (Starcaller)

Cloth Spirit

World Mender's Pants - [A]Frostea (Corvus Coalition), [A]Susanexpress (Street Knights)
Dreamwraps of the Light - [H]Shakina (Tears of Draenor), [A]Arcanexe (Aevum), [A]Warrwiz (Anarchists Anonymous), [A]Averiy (Riddle of Steel). [H]Shmage (alea iacta est dignitas)

Leather Agility

Bladeshadow Leggings - [A]Shaelryn + Zorrak (Riddle of Steel), [A]Xodius (Grimm Consortium), [H]Rose (Nublet Cartel)
Bladeshadow Wristguards - [A]Shaelryn (Riddle of Steel)

Leather Intellect

Leggings of Nature's Champion - [A]Zorrak (Riddle of Steel)
Bracers of Flowing Serenity - [A]Shurgy + Miltrath (Eleventh Hour), [A]Grubfist (Corvus Coalition), [H]Rose (Nublet Cartel)

Mail Agility

Rended Earth Leggings - [A]Barraik + Zorrak (Riddle of Steel)
Bracers of the Hunter-Killer - [A]Grubfist (Corvus Coalition), [A]Barraik (Riddle of Steel)

Mail Intellect

Deathscale Leggings - [A]Grifiend (Eleventh Hour)
Thundering Deathscale Wristguards - [A]Shurgy + Mortrath (Eleventh Hour), [A]Crytoris (Riddle of Steel)

Plate Strength

Unstoppable Destroyer's Legplates - [A]Richker (Lunatic Friends)
Bracers of Destructive Strength - [A]Aydinn + Dantê (Eleventh Hour), [H]Zorbag (AIE Invictus)

Plate Intellect

Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil - [A]Modbank (Order of Sanctus), [A]Adoneiras (Riddle of Steel), [H]Zorbag (AIE Invictus)
Soul Redeemer Bracers - [A]Aydinn (Eleventh Hour)

Plate Tank

Foundations of Courage - [A]Armithious
Titanguard Wristplates - [A]Modbank (Order of Sanctus), [A]Richker (Lunatic Friends)

*See post #14 for Armethious' list of patterns and how to get a hold of him.
*H* Dreamwraps of the Light

Currently have no available Dreamcloth, though Should in week and a half.
Recently acquired the pattern for Bladeshadow Leggings. Alliance-side, Xodius - Grimm Consortium.
Arcanexe - (A)
Dreamwraps of the Light
Arcanexe - (A)
Dreamwraps of the Light
I have Titangaurd Wristplates - Tank Bracers and Pyrium Legplates of Pure Evil - Healy Legs
I have Unstoppable Destroyer's Legplates and Titanguard Wristplates
Updated to post #7
Warrwiz, <Anarchists Anonymous>, picked up Dreamwraps of the Light, spirit bracer pattern.

He only plays Friday and Saturday nights, fyi.
I maintain a list of crafters for several guilds on our guild's website. (Alliance guilds only)

Long URL:
Short URL (easy for linking in-game):

Here's what we have so far if you want to merge it into this thread: (Copy/pasted from a table, so it's not pretty here.)

[Lavaquake Legwraps] Cloth DPS Legs Averiy(RoS, [2])
[Bracers of Unconquered Power] Cloth DPS Wrist Bedazzled(11), Carnadosa(11)
[World Mender's Pants] Cloth Spirit Legs Armythious[1]
[Dreamwraps of the Light] Cloth Spirit Wrist Warrwiz(AA, Fri/Sat), Arcanexe(Aevum), Bedazzled(11), Carnadosa(11)
[Bladeshadow Leggings] Leather AGI Legs Shaelryn(RoS), Xodius(Grimm Consortium), Zorrak/Zorrik(RoS)
[Bladeshadow Wristguards] Leather AGI Wrist Shaelryn(RoS)
[Leggings of Nature's Champion] Leather INT Legs Zorrak/Zorrik(RoS)
[Bracers of Flowing Serenity] Leather INT Wrist Shurgy(11), Grubfist(Corvus), Miltrath(11)
[Rended Earth Leggings] Mail AGI Legs Barraik(RoS), Zorrak/Zorrik(RoS)
[Bracers of the Hunter-Killer] Mail AGI Wrist Grubfist(Corvus), Armethious[1], Barraik(RoS)
[Deathscale Leggings] Mail INT Legs Grifiend(11)
[Thundering Deathscale Wristguards] Mail INT Wrist Shurgy(11), Miltrath(11)
[Unstoppable Destroyer's Legplates] Plate DPS Legs Richker(Lunatic Friends), Armithious[1]
[Bracers of Destructive Strength] Plate DPS Wrist Aydinn(11), Dantê(11)
[Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil] Plate INT Legs Adoneiras(RoS), Modbank(OoS), Armithious[1]
[Soul Redeemer Bracers] Plate INT Wrist Aydinn(11), Armithious[1]
[Foundations of Courage] Plate Tank Legs Armithious[1]
[Titanguard Wristplates] Plate Tank Wrist Modbank(OoS), Richker(Lunatic Friends)

The listing of guilds is intended to help prospective buyers find people with the pattern by /who'ing their guild. Common guild names are abbreviated as follows:
11 = The Eleventh Hour
AA = Anarchists Anonymous
Corvus = The Corvus Coalation
DB = The Dark Blade
OG = The Old Guard
OoS = Order of Sanctus
RoS = Riddle of Steel
[1] = /join Armbuys to get ahold of Armithious/Armethious/Armythious
[2] = Pattern not yet learned, but available in bank

Mail Agility
Bracers of the Hunter-Killer

I has this pattern now.
Barraik <RoS> has learned Bracers of the Hunter-Killer

Zorrak (Zorrik) <RoS> has learned Bladeshadow Leggings, Leggings of Nature's Champion, Rended Earth Leggings

I have Lavaquake Legwraps sitting in my bank at the moment; I'll learn it if/when someone comes to me with mats.
Saw this was mainly ally related, for the hordies
My LWer, Armethious

[Bladeshadow Leggings]
[Bladeshadow Wristguards]
[Leggings of Nature's Champion]
[Bracers of Flowing Serenity]
[Rended Earth Leggings]
[Bracers of the Hunter-Killer]

My Tailor, Armythious has

[World Mender's Pants]
[Dreamwraps of the Light]

My Blacksmith, Armithious has

[Unstoppable Destroyer's Legplates]
[Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil]
[Foundations of Courage]

You can join the channel Armbuys to find me on whatever toon I am on. I aslo have friends who hang out in that channel that might be able to reach me if I am not in game.
Saw this was mainly ally related, for the hordies

It's wasn't made for only alliance, just no horde except Shakina posted in here. I can edit my original post with all of the horde additions.
Updated post #10 with a fresh copy of the alliance pattern data we have at
I now also have Soul redeemer bracers
Bracers of Unconcquered Power
I just got this last night.
Dk in our guild Prophecy Reborn has the Fists of Fury (Plate DPS) and is happy to help out.. his name is Jiern
Dreamwraps of the Light - [H]Shmage (AIE Dignitas)

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