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So there are a few posts in the quest forum(one from me) about how this quest is gone,as in Ysiel Windsinger no longer has this quest, however she now offers quests to go to the Steamvaults and Slave Pens but you still can't turn them in there. Now this may or may not be a bug, but since I did not see anything about these types of quests being removed in 4.3 I'm thinking maybe they got glitched when the new quests got put in. If anyone else has noticed repeatable rep quests in BC areas removed please post here. And if a mod could confirm or deny that these quests were indeed removed and not just bugged out I would appreciate that.
I haven't tried the ones in Zangarmarsh, but I can confirm the repeatable Consortium rep heroic dailies in Shattrath are still working just fine. I was able to accept both dailies and turn them in, after 4.3.
This wasn't a heroic daily, it was just a repeatable quest you could turn in at any time
Thanks for the nitpick. The point still stands. These rep quests are still functioning fine.
12/03/2011 06:29 AMPosted by Zaraah
Thanks for the nitpick. The point still stands. These rep quests are still functioning fine.
do you base this solely off the shatt daily...because i cant turn in my coilfang armarents not they are not working fine
i cant turn in either. im 2k away from exalted. went and grinded steamvaults for what i would need to finish rep and cant turn them in. Blizz fix this, please!!!
12/03/2011 06:29 AMPosted by Zaraah
Thanks for the nitpick. The point still stands. These rep quests are still functioning fine.

No they aren't, just because 1 quest is working does not mean they all are working. 4.3 has seen many quests get bugged while others are still just fine
I noticed the Sporeggar quest giver for the Sunguine Hibiscus repeatable quest got moved into the Underbog instance itself, at the entrance. I haven't tried Coilfang Armaments, but it looks like these quests were supposed (?) to have been moved to the instances themselves.
12/03/2011 04:14 PMPosted by Ërgo
Thanks for the nitpick. The point still stands. These rep quests are still functioning fine.

No they aren't, just because 1 quest is working does not mean they all are working. 4.3 has seen many quests get bugged while others are still just fine

Please go back and read my post. I was talking about the Consortium quests ONLY. They are still there. In your original post you wanted to know if any other rep quests had been removed. I was saying that the Consortium ones have not.
I can confirm that there is no coilfang armaments turnin inside the dungeons either.
I cannot find the turn in anywhere either, wowhead comment says gm confirmed it was removed.
I just realized I had a stack of 48 of these in my bags and flew out to Zangarmarsh to try to turn them in.

I opened a ticket ingame, but I wanted to see if there was any official response yet.
Realized after posting in the quests thread that this one was here now, so I'll add my bit in here.

I had been gathering up coilfang armaments in the hopes of one day going out to bump up my rep. I went into Steam Vaults, and was rather surprised that the drop wasn't forthcoming. I decided I'd better do some research, and sure enough, find word that the quest is missing.

I put in a ticket, and the next day received word that I was correct when I asked if the quest had been removed. There was no detail on whether or not it was intentional, but I can only assume so given the tone of the response. (Which was polite, but offered nothing to indicate a bug.)

To be honest, I'd prefer to be wrong here, since it would, indeed, be rather rude to have removed quests of this nature without warning the players that they had a limited amount of time left in which to utilize them. I did check the patch notes, and saw no mention of it.

I'll be interested to see what, if anything, comes of this. I have to admit that this will be the one time I am truly disappointed in Blizzard's customer service if it turns out they intended to remove this on the down low.
I had read a blue (but the link escapes me at the moment) where they said it was intentional, however they still exist in-game as they can be used to purchase items from the vendor outside the Coilfang raid. They are no longer useable for rep due to the removal of the "Orders from Lady Vashj" quest drop prerequisite that lets you see the armaments.
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I'd definitely like to see that link if you ever do find it, and I appreciate the info. It's unfortunate if that truly is the case, as the items themselves give no indication of their now useless status, and are still listed under 'quest' items in the auction house. It's rather misleading.

If, in fact, this quest was taken out intentionally, consider this my official complaint against a rather underhanded move. I'm getting a bit frustrated with rep options being more and more limited. I don't enjoy grinding dungeons for rep, I'll admit it. I prefer to go non-dungeon routes whenever possible. This particular quest, much like the old, defunct cloth turn-ins, was an excellent route for me. I was /finally/ going to go get myself a hippogryph, I thought. Imagine my disappointment. Then imagine the disappointment of finding out that the people who control my favorite game may have snuck that option out under the radar, leaving other hopeful people feeling like me.

I see no real reason for its removal, and I hope the info we're getting is wrong. I truly hope so. I doubt it, but I'll hold out some shred of hope. Otherwise?

*whacks Blizz on nose with rolled up newspaper*

Bad Blizzard! Bad! No biscuit.

I just recently finished my rep grind for these guys by grinding the Minion of Kaw* enemies. They drop the Nesingwary Lackey Ear that can be turned in to the DEHTA druids in Borean Tundra. (If you're an achievement hunter you could do a rather short questline for DEHTA for an achievement: )

It's a much better grind than the armaments were for me. I spent a good chunk of my time standing in one spot killing enemies because they respawned so fast right on top of me. I also made enough gold from Frostweave Cloth, Green BoEs and vendor trash to buy the mount from the rep vendor and I only had a few thousand to grind out for my exalted. You don't get rep for killing them, sadly, but they do make up for it with a fairly consistent drop and respawn rate.

I'd also recommend them if you want to farm Frostweave Cloth, they seemed to drop more Frostweave Cloth for me than the Converted Heroes in Icecrown and they were certainly a lot less annoying to kill.

Minion of Kaw is definitely my preferred grinding spot for Cenarion Expedition rep. The insanely short respawn time on these guys makes it worth it, over running BC heroics or turning in the Coilfang Armaments. In fact, my first WoW video (dating from Wrath) is about farming these guys.

That said, I have a very hard time believing this quest was removed intentionally; there's no obvious good reason to have done so, and the armaments themselves are still white quality.
My GM response in-game was as follows:

"The information you supplied for Coilfang Armaments has been sent up to our Quality Assurance team. They will investigate the bug and determine if it is something that needs to adjusted. This can take time as we need to try several different variables when testing these bugs.

We thank you for taking the time to report this matter, and we appreciate your dedication towards making the World of Warcraft the best possible game it can be."

Hopefully, we'll see it fixed soon.
Thanks for all the info and updates, folks. I'd been looking at the ear collection alternative as the most likely, and it's handy to know a great spot for it. I appreciate the tip.

Knowles, I'll definitely be checking back to see what, if any, new info comes of that. :)
I just love how we all have to find out about this crap after we spend a good hour grindin for these things.
evil demon blizz.....

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