[H] Let me pickpocket 4th boss of DS for gold

Earthen Ring
Hello everyone,

Horde side here. Looking for a Guild that will allow me to pickpocket the 4th boss of Dragon Soul. I am willing to pay 5,000 gold. Maybe a little more. Please me let know

Thanks and have a good day/happy raiding


EDIT::::: The boss can be pick pocketed multiple times so even if your rogues have done it. I can still join and do it aswell. (:
Wipes/every 15min/Resetting the boss all reset the pockets.

We can likely accommodate but are already on Ultraxion. If all goes smoothly, we should be hitting her again Tuesday towards the tail end of our raid (8:30 - 11:00 PM EST). All of our rogues have already pickpocketed, so if you are online and want to get an update on Tuesday eve, contact myself, Ralnar, Kallan, or Trundle.

5K is acceptable.

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