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Ever since the new patch 4.3 none of me or my guildmates are getting guild experience for dungeon runs. We have the required 3 out of 5 guildies and most of the time 5 of 5. We are nowhere near the daily guild exp cap, and we have even still been getting the guild dungeon challenges to complete so its acknowledging we have a guild group but no experience for each boss.
Also, I have tried opening in game tickets on this with no response :(.
Same thing here.
Same here. Frustrating because we made a new guild and are trying to level it and honestly doing Molten Front dailies for gear that is useless now is a waste of time.
Yeah unfortunately I think alot may not have noticed as alot of guilds are level 25, we are only level 12 and completed hour of twilight random 5 times with no exp, was quite frustrating :(.
Same problem for me - guild rep AND guild exp = horrendously low right now.
I did a 5 man guild heroic End Time last night with the 100% tabard on and didn't get a single percent of the weekly rep cap.
The guild got about 3.5% of the daily exp cap.

Extremely frustrating.
We noticed this problem too. We get guild rep from quests, we get it from random battlegrounds, we get it from early Cata dungeons, but no guild rep whatsoever from boss kills in the Hour of Twilight dungeons. We get credit for completing a dungeon challenge and get the 300k guild xp bonus from that, but nothing from bosses themselves.
So you're getting guild xp and rep from completing heroics Elodeon? Because we didn't get any no matter which dungeons we were doing.
Still not getting experience in dungeon groups woith at least3 of 5 guildies and not at guild exp cap.
Our guild has not gotten any guild xp today. Running 5/5 heroic 4.1 dungeons (not in a raid, used LFD to queue up). This has been a consistent issue since last Tuesday.

We had some luck a few days ago running non-heroic instances, but honestly it is just too slow to cap that way.
This is also applying to the level 80 Heroics, where myself and two other guildmates completed 3-4 Heroics in a row with no credit for guild experience and reputation from all boss kills. We have, however, received credit for the Guild Dungeon Challenges which means that we should be getting guild experience and reputation gains from boss kills.
Still having this issue and havent heard anything about a fix. Bump
12/05/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Edg
Still having this issue and havent heard anything about a fix. Bump

Although I also experience this bug, it's rather annoying.

Edit: Btw, did your ticket ever get answered?
My ticket was responded to and forwarded on to QA.

Btw issue still exists as of 12/6 9pm EST as I ran a test heroic with some guildies.

Also, if you are seeing that I created a ticket are you not able to see that it was 'answered' even though the problem still exists, honestly didnt know others could see open tickets? Answering a trouble ticket doesnt mean replying to it in my experience, maybe its just semantics. This is my first time reporting a bug (been playing for 6 years) and tbh the experience has not been one that I will repeat.
No one else can see if you have a ticket open, but you said you had opened one in your 2nd post :)

The general response from a GM is usually a combination of "Clear your Cache/Interface/WTF folders", "It's a known issue and we're working on it", "I'll put this through to a higher up", "Try posting on the bug forums" or "That's working as intended, if you think it should be changed post on the forums".

Basically we don't expect much from tickets, but in quite a few cases they are able to provide workarounds (like giving/removing an invisible buff that allowed/stopped you from receiving things).
Ran more twilight heroics today as a full guild group and still no guild exp for boss kills. Any chance of getting a 'blue' to comment on this post plz as it sure feels like this has been forgotten :( We are a lower level guild trying to catch up and this is quite frustrating as at the beginning of a patch people really want to run heroics...
This is happening to my guild, too. No credit for guild runs and no credit for daily quests, with or without tabard.
Blizzard fix this please! It's been reported on this forums since the patch came out!
Any update?
QA only very rarely post on the forums, and it is usually just to ask for more information. You'll just have to wait for it to be fixed.

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