19 Queues for WSG not popping

Bug Report
Please fix this, Blizzard. We're not getting 19 xp-off games, and it's not for lack of numbers queuing. :)
I'm getting withdrawal at this point :(
I'm sads
Fix eet
atm i play two brackets XP-off...

15-19 not working
20-24 not working

i am hearing 70s aren't pop'ing either which means it is a bug... please squash.
70's has been working all day.
I've put in two tickets now, both times I get responses it is the same thing "Xp off at low levels will have longer que times" My repsonse "I've had my xp turned off since we've been able to turn off xp, I'm well aware that ques can be lengthy" Then I continue to try and explain that there is an actual problem, then they treat me like I'm an idiot.

Please get this fixed, I don't enjoy higher levels anymore. And 19's are literally the only thing I play. Without that, why pay.
please fix <3
we definitely have enough people
Waw Tawent alone can have 15 people on at once on horde!
and BTB and MGC can easily get 7-10 twinks on each! this is just from 1 realm!!!
and then other realms can easily get more
please fix this blizzard
please fix this
It is more than an issue with WSG ques, all the ques for the lower xp off brackets are up to almost 20hr avg wait time. This needs to be fixed!
look at all this customer service
why the !@#$ isnt this fixed yet? we are paying you %^-*!@#s money here. get your $%^- together.
Please fix. 20-24 bracket is messed up too, and we're the 2nd most populous exp off bracket.
Bump, 20-24 bracket AND 15-19 bracket not working.

Man, the day i decide to play 19s again the Q effs, up. WTB fix.
Urge to kill....rising!
hate to qq but I can't pew pew. Fix me please!

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