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What times do you guys raid/RBG? any specific time or just whenever u want? I might train a new toon up to join u guys after my DK grows 3 more levels

What classes/roles do you need for PvE and PvP? I have experience with healing tanking and dps
The only toon you should "train" is a horde char >=[
Why? I've got 85 horde and ally, and i'm pretty sure Kel'Thuzad is ally dominant
Yes....but....but.....horde is better!!

lol i know, but i don't wanna get owned by the dominant side >.<
You don't like world Pvp? Cause you ain't getting any on alliance side!

Little do you know that horde has more dominating players......at least that's my experience on this server ;)
We prefer tank/heal as those are harder to fill than just dps. :) Send me in-game mail or whisper
I'll make a druid :D

12/23/2011 07:58 PMPosted by Villefort
You don't like world Pvp


Merry Christmas you two

You don't like world Pvp


Merry Christmas you two

Oh....I'll make you like it!

Merry Christmas to you too =]
12/25/2011 11:15 AMPosted by Villefort
Oh....I'll make you like it!

Happy holidays! Add me to friends so you can send me a tell or mail when we are both online.
I made the guy hes lv 10 I sent u a mail idk when ur on

Cool thx for the inv, ill do my best to catch up
You'll get 27 silver a week and your desk will be the benches in the stormwind tram.

Oh.....and beware of Libretto....I hear he wanders the trams at night and wtfpwns any newbs he sees.....
As a free-agent, I have many offers on the table right now. I will consider yours if the price is right. What would you offer an ilvl 390 shadow priest who has downed Herioc Morchok,herioc Hagara, heroic Yor'Sahj, heroic Warlord, and heroic Ultrax(all 25-man)?

I'd also like an office with a clear window view of Meridian, err, Stormwind.

What say you?

I have already posted the weekly salary in a previous reply within this thread. If you are serious, then you may join and tryout as a trial officer. If you are what you claim to be, I am certain you will pass and be one of the highest paid officers for the guild. I cannot offer you anything until you can show me something.
Welcome! :)
Now to teach Holysmither the ways in world Pvp ...gotta erase all that RP crap from his mind!

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