Retribution (7.0.3) - Updated 8/4/16

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It's even less worth paying attention to now, with gear upgrades. You'll get enough Haste to get you by from luck of the loot drop, and eventually all of your Haste pieces will be upgraded to give even more Haste.

People still talking about HAVING to hit the 9.52% Haste mark are simply misinformed. Item level differences in gear are too important this tier to worry about whether you have enough Haste. If it's a higher item level with equitable stats, it's an upgrade, even if it lowers your Haste, but especially if it has more Mastery.
How does the new i715 heirloom trinket compare to the others?
Revised: Definitely better than most/all Normal mode trinkets. Most likely slightly better than most Heroic trinkets (barring something like WF/socket EDH or LoV), particularly against Demon bosses. About on par with Mythic trinkets against Demon bosses, depending on the fight and whether those Mythic trinkets have any affixes (WF, socket, tertiary) or are upgraded. I'll post any actual numbers if they're ever calculated.
12/06/2011 03:04 AMPosted by Svayne
Nevermind, figured it out.
Doomcriers shoulderplates(mythic)
Doomcriers shoulderplates(heroic) with socket?
01/18/2016 03:49 PMPosted by Faramorn
Doomcriers shoulderplates(mythic)
Doomcriers shoulderplates(heroic) with socket?

Mythic non-socket will edge out Heroic w/ socket by a little bit.
Add me , i need help on ret priority
Hey Qris! Great guide! Thanks for all the hard work! <3

I'm trying to not be bad at Ret, and have a couple questions.

In your "basic opener" section, that I assume is only different because the lack of Seraphim, how is that supposed to change with Libram? Should I wait to pop CDs until I have a 3 stack? or is it not worth delaying ES/LH and Wings for that amount of globals.

Next, does either opener change when Ring/lust is popped on the pull? I was watching a video about Hekili and the guy hinted that he would never use a certain opener, (which is the one recommended here) since a lot of times we pop Ring on the pull.

Thanks again for all your time and hard work!

Hi Rev, glad the guide helps.

02/10/2016 05:02 PMPosted by Rev
Should I wait to pop CDs until I have a 3 stack? or is it not worth delaying ES/LH and Wings for that amount of globals.

02/10/2016 05:02 PMPosted by Rev
Next, does either opener change when Ring/lust is popped on the pull?

Because the ring is popped in the first global 99% of the time, you usually won't have the luxury of being patient with your CDs. ES/AW on pull for full effect from the ring, rotate in HoW & CS every time they're off CD to get to 3 stacks before ES lands.

Same thing with Seraphim w/ ring on pull. ES/wings on the pull, AT to get to 5 HoPo that much faster, and Seraphim as early as you can.

On the other hand, if you're in control of the ring you should be an evil overlord and delay it until Seraphim is up. It's just the right thing to do. :-)
Heya, currently running norm +10 version of EDH (unlucky with drops) however have obtained a mythic UEH with socket +10. Am I right in saying the UEH will pull ahead?
02/14/2016 01:20 PMPosted by Yaguar
Am I right in saying the UEH will pull ahead?

The socket should keep your Mythic UEH ahead of a Normal EDH, yes. They would typically perform closely, but +75 Mastery is enough to tip some scales. All the better if you happen to have really good proc RNG as well.
Cool thanks Qris
Do y'all need/want an update so that ES/AW will fire w/o Seraphim if/when the ring buff is active? Need to run some sims to develop the logic a bit, but it could be incorporated into the addon action list(s).
It may not be totally necessary, but such an option certainly wouldn't hurt. :)
What is ExoBC**?
12/06/2011 02:40 AMPosted by Svayne
** Exorcism with Blazing Contempt up (T17 4P set bonus) and LESS than 3 Holy Power. This will grant 3 Holy Power.
I'm simming with 6.77 haste > 5.62 mult > 5.13 vers > 5.11 crit > 5.05 Mastery

Is this normal at my gear level? (I just got 4 pc yesterday so now I'm bothering to look at late game stats). I just assumedi t would always be mastery, but then read on noxxic something about multi, and now I'm seeing Haste as the runaway leader (with Seraphim, with FV it's a lot closer to the general guide).

Should I be re-gemming/gearing etc for Haste, or stay as is? I'm not really sure what fights call for Seraphim vs FV, since it seems like a lot of fights in HFC have significant cleave (obviously the assault "boss," and the bird dude, and xhulgiantdemondude), but others, like Mannoroth, have a more situational cleave (it seems kind of odd to take FV just for the very occasional imp clear), Archimonde too feels like I'm wasting a lot of not using DS and just plunking away at Archi, though maybe that's more me than the spec.

What do the pros do? I mean at this point they mighth ave multiple mythic warforged for every conceivable boss situation with optimized stats, but for someone with basically one set what would they do?

Edit: my sims with DF show haste 5.88, multi 5.69, master 5.68. It says my raid buffed haste (I'd never even bothered to look before) is 12.41%. I dont have time to read 33 pages of comments but is that a little high? I saw something about 9.3% or something as some kind of benchmark.

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