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Stop your whimpering. A week ago you had nothing, now you have an opportunity to obtain a new pet or mount every month or so, and still that isn't good enough... you want more and more like some spoiled brat who's never satisfied.

You choose to play this game and consequently you aren't entitled to ANYTHING, if you disagree with how WoW is being run then your option is to leave and go play something else or make your own game... but to sit here and cry and think that you matter (or some small collection of you matters) more than millions of other users or even Blizzard themselves just shows how over-inflated your ego is and your world is going to be a sorry place once all the real adults who provide for you are gone.

This ENTIRE GAME is a grind. Everything you do in WoW is a grind with a different skin. And once you complete this grind you're just going to move onto the next grind whether it be leveling, running bgs, grinding heroics, raids, dailies, reps, professions, achievs etc. IT'S ALL A GRIND!!!! If your only enjoyment out of this game comes from being rewarded and having your ego stroked then why are you still playing??
Did you not see all of the tents or whatever that were "under construction"? The island is also pretty big with plenty of room for faire expansion. I would give it a few more months and if nothing else is added then /shrug I guess ill be farming my tokens for awhile.
I feel that there should be effort and time involved in obtaining cool things in game. I do not agree at all with handing out stuff to people who feel entitled to it just because they pay the subscription fee. I may be a "casual" in the sense that I am unable to play as much as I would like, however, I am an old school gamer and I feel that games should be challenging and that you should be rewarded according to the effort that you put forth. Similar to real life.

However, I HATE this model of using daily quests and limiting how much progress you can make in one day or one week, etc. During my time off from work I may be able to play for hours and hours. But seeing as I work 50+ hours a week, I may not log in at all for 6 or 7 days. If I want to sit down for 8 hours on my day off while the wife is out shopping or baking cookies and grind out rep (or whatever I'm trying to grind) that is my prerogative.

I would rather something take hours of grinding, taking months to obtain with my play schedule, if I could do it at my own pace, whenever I wanted. Daily quests, while they may not take hours and hours each day, they "force" you to log in and complete them each day if you want to make any kind of progress. This is stupid.

Let's be honest. I'm going to be playing this game a year from now without Blizz dangling the carrot on the stick, trying to get me to log in each and every day, and many, many others will as well. All this current model of using daily quests does is upset me and make me want to punch a baby, kick a puppy, or club a baby seal. Depending on the mood I am in that day.

Either up the tickets from the daily quests or do an across the board 50% reduction of all costs for every DMF item in the game.

Funny. I think charging outrageously for every little thing is a PERFECT implementation of a carnival. You have been to actual carnivals, right?

5. Stop crying we can get 100 tickets a day! You don't know how to farm.
A. The only possible way you are getting 100 tickets a day is if you're sitting on your lazy butt for 6-8 hours farming 60-80 bosses just to get a rare with a drop rate of 10% (remember, you can only do 5 dungeons an hour).

I don't think the phrase "only possible way" means what you think. I got almost all of them in moments by buying them off the AH. That's another "possible way" that doesn't involve laziness or hours of grinding. but, please, cry and go all hyperbole on us some more.
12/06/2011 08:51 AMPosted by Sealan
Grind > Dailies.

either way you can do both with the DMF if you dont wanna do one or the other then dont, but dont !@#$% about how its hard
With the aesthetics of the Faire being solely catered around vanity, you guys are being vain in the ways you complain. Some are saying you got slapped in the face by having to go to Scarlet Monastery. You can do it in other dungeons, just loot the damn bodies. You don't have to solo old content just to get something.

BC dungeons drop those relic artifacts.
Cata dungeons drop the relic artifacts.

You just have to loot bosses.

you can only receive the loot if you are the one who is awarded the loot. You were in a raid situation, the others in the raid did not receive the same loot.

Do you even know how the loot table works when it's set on epic? People are automatically awarded rare drops without having to roll for them. That means you got a rare drop as determined by the computer.

You honestly must not know how looting works or how drops work because there's no way in hell you could be putting on such a pretense as to suggest everyone in a raid is receiving the drop. I know too many people who have reported, personally, that not everyone in the raid receives the drop.

12/06/2011 08:24 AMPosted by Brelm
I don't understand. Can't you use those quest items that drop from bosses to get 10 tickets?

1. Boss drops are once a month turn ins at most. I've heard feed from testers that they are supposed to be once a lifetime drops. We'll see about that next month.
2. The drop rate from bosses are rare. Please view any one of my 8 posts which explain this. Not everyone will receive those drops, especially in raid situations where you have a week long lockout.

I agree with your post but this I disagree with. The raid drop, the Soothsayer's Runes, can be looted by EVERY raid member with the Darkmoon Faire Guide thingy. I have confirmed this myself as well as by talking with a GM In game. My BwD bugged out and I couldnt get rezzed, due to being stuck in combat, to be able to loot magmaw, I watch the loot tho and saw everyone looting Soothsayer's runes. I released to come back in but was getting the Encounter in Progress message. I put in a ticket and my first response was a letter saying that once the Master Looter distributed the loot, they couldnt do anything. I replied with a "But everyone who was there can loot this item, it isnt anything you roll on/master looter for." I got a GM to message me saying that the other GM must of thought I was talking about some sort of Epic Gear. Because everyone with the Guide can loot it, he could grant it to me.

In the dungeons only 1 person can loot the items, but in a RAID every member with the guide can loot the Soothsayer's Runes. This has been proven time and time again.
Agreed the ticket drops are low compared to the cost vs the once a week per month.

I was really hoping we were going to have the faire all the time now that we have an island.
Grind is supposed to be a grind

Everything in the Darkmoon Faire is optional.
12/06/2011 08:37 AMPosted by Krelil
Idea for the Faire: Have the Dailies give 5 tickets, and afterwards, depending on how you do at the games you get 1-3 tickets seems fair.
that sounds awful and just plays into the im gonna grind every reward out in one week and never come back here again

No idea is perfect, and all I saw here was nerfing ideas and complaining, how about making it more of a faire. Except for the dailies there and attempting to get that bullseye achievement, then only thing i see others doing there is turning in the quests from dungeons/bgs and fishing, or in the Deathmatch.
The mount and pet acquisition rate actually doesn't seem too unbearable. Those seem unique enough that they should be rarities, and thus should reward those who stick to a long-term commitment. Par for the course for practically all mounts and pets in the game already.

My problem here is the Replica armor sets. These items are completely cosmetic, and prior to patch 4.0 were rather easy to obtain. Why should it take months of commitment to be able to afford something like this, which is relatively non-unique and doesn't carry a great deal of prestige, the way that rare mounts and top-end raid/PvP gear does?

To wit: Any level-capped player can raid on a weekly basis for about two months and stand a good chance of completing A FULL TIER SET--if they're lucky with drops, they can possibly even do that in one month! Meanwhile, these purely cosmetic sets, at the current rate of ticket acquisition, require AT LEAST FIVE MONTHS to acquire.

This is completely baffling.
Sorry, I couldn't read every post. Just too many.

I have to agree with the OP. I don't believe that any grind should include running a bunch of alts to acquire what you want. I agree that things shouldn't be easy, but at the maximum rate of tickets obtainable each month on a single character it will take me a YEAR to get the things I want from the fair...

That's not a grind. That's just ridiculous.
I do think they are expensive (i want the mounts and pets) but at least they are giving you something to do the first week of each month ...so idk.

Just one thing, if you want to be heard, you need to stop insulting people, otherwise you'll just get ignored/trolled ...calling words and pointing fingers wont help, be polite.
I've pretty much already got the four pieces of the Darkmantle set that I wanted - Chest, pants, gloves, and boots. I'll certainly have them by the end of the first Darkmoon Faire.

It required a bit of cash and some clever use of alts to do in my minimized amount of time available, but it was indeed doable. So unless you're poor (And in that case, you likely have bigger problems than cosmetic replica armor) then it should take little time; If you have lots of time, you should be able to grab the pieces from the world drops and PvP drops to get the tickets you need. Do so on several alts to get different pieces (Which are BoE, yay!) then you should be fine.

Just one thing, if you want to be heard, you need to stop insulting people, otherwise you'll just get ignored/trolled ...calling words and pointing fingers wont help, be polite.


Guys, be constructive. Stop threatening to quit. It impresses no one. Explain your opinion and give your suggestions. Otherwise, you may safely assume that anything you have to say is just going to be thrown out.
As Blizzard has always done, I am sure they will adjust this to a more reasonable level now that it has been brought to their attention.

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