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anyone know anygood green and treeish staves for my transmog set?
Crypts. Wowhead is being wonky today, but it blooms and is imo the best "druidy" staff in the game.

Finally loaded. Draenic Wildstaff

The staves from ulduar (I have one on me right now.. Freya I think drops one) are pretty good for leafy stuff too.
Staff of the Verdant Circle <-- from horde druid quest
Draenic Wildstaff <-- same model as above, but from a dungeon
Staff of the Green Circle is my favorite, but it's about a level 20 dungeon quest to get it. I kept mine for transmog although I haven't tried it yet.

Love the flowering animations :D
Staff of the Verdant Circle
Staff of the Green Circle
Staff of the Green Circle

And if you already did the Druid quests, then this one drops in Crypts.
Draenic Wildstaff

Edit: Oh wow. Everyone already suggested them. lol
Chillwind Staff if you want something a little moodier. Rose petals constant fall of the staff too, which is cool. It's Alliance only though, so you'd have to faction change.
Thanks guys!

also found this on teh googles:
Pillar of Ferocity specifically for t5

Also Dreambinder from Ulduar is one you probably won't see everyone else using like the staffs above.
12/07/2011 09:59 AMPosted by Triibreza
anyone know anygood green and treeish staves for my transmog set?
Pillar of Ferocity

I love this staff with this tier set... Not only does it grow little flowers, it also spits leaves every now and then :)
I love my Staff of the Verdant Circle... too bad Power Torrent messes it up D:

Edit: This staff (and others that share the model) is most definitely my favorite. It sprouts leaves, mushrooms, spores, daisies and pink flowers. I love it.

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