LFR loot rules are totally broken

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This isn't just a problem with stats either. The proc on No'Kaled specifically states melee attacks, but hunters are getting need+ rolls. I personally saw one hunter win not 1 but 2 No'Kaleds (agility 2.6 1H with MELEE proc) on a DW kill this week, which illustrates the problem of 1 person getting duplicate drops as well. I would honestly rather a STR focused spec win a need roll for No'Kaled than a hunter. At least a DK would utilize the proc, even if only half using the agility.

I understand that item procs are just as tricky (if not more) to account for in need+ or even NBG, but if they are going to be included in the loot tables and doled out with the need+ system, they need to be considered just as carefully as the remainder of the item attributes.

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