LFR loot rules are totally broken

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Perhaps the way to address this is with reforging.

Today reforging an item insues a 60% penality, (i.e. 100 str converts to 40 agi).

If there were more a 1:1 offering, perhaps we would see equalization of weapons both in distribution (there wouldn't be items that were hunter or warrior only), and it would increase the diversity of what people could use, rather than farming 'that polearm'.
12/08/2011 07:23 PMPosted by Moonlìght

What's awesome is this clown has killed one raid boss all x-pac, and it was in the LFR.

I guess that explains the "DERP I ROLL ON EVERYTHING HURRRR"

Maybe he played a hunter in the past?

Or maybe this is an alt on a separate account that belongs to my 5 box team. Novel idea...
Honestly its hard to understand how Blizz as a studio can be so good at such incredible gameplay and feats of engineering and then just kinda herp derp on simple things. Its literally like watching geniuses that can solve mysteries of the universe and then cant tie their shoes.

Plate - STR = Pally/Warrior/DK
Plate - INT = Pally
Mail - AGI = Hunter/Shaman
Mail - INT = Shaman
Leather - INT = Druid
Leather - AGI = Druid/Rogue
Cloth - ALL OPEN to Priest/Mage/Lock

All other items are open roll to classes that have a spec that can use the stat as INTENDED for their class i.e. = hunters cant roll on STR sword because while they can equip it their class does not utilize STR, just as a DK should not be able to roll on AGI polearms.

You dont even have to modify the roll system, just add a check to see if the item is flagged as class intended....then go and add a quick attribute to LFG loot that has class appropriate flags and let the system grey out the need roll for classes that dont match.

If people complain its not Blizz's fault they havent taken the time to learn the most simple facts about their class. Sometimes you have to let go of players hands in order to not punish your players who dont need the hand holding and dont appreciate being robbed of an item by someone else's ignorance.

At least this much would have been scores better than the system we have now, and would have been easy to roll out when the raid finder was launched (because this system already exists...kinda). I would have been willing to wait for a more complicated system that recognized player spec at a later patch.

I don't get why I can even equip a staff on this toon? It never has any useful stat for me. Maybe the problem is the weapon system based on class more than LFR or any other loot system? If I were a designer that's where I'd fix it. xD
they need to take staves away from shamans, i don't want to see ele or resto shamans using staves, even if it's a legendary, it's just plain wrong, enhance shamans don't use two handers no more, so staves are completely obsolete to shamans

Wouldn't bother me and I play a shaman also.
If they did this, then all of these looting options would be obsolete...

12/08/2011 05:05 PMPosted by Knockboots
In the mean time players should just roll on items they need and stop being douches.
If they did this, then all of these looting options would be obsolete...

In the mean time players should just roll on items they need and stop being douches.

I hate to be the one to break this to you...but the people that play this game are douches.
How about just giving players a single "Role Bonus" per week?
OP, they're working on a fix for it. In the meantime though, a rogue with the first tier of daggers in my LFR just won Souldrinker, and the mage won both the staff and one of the two intellect daggers that dropped and hightailed it out : \ I hope they get this taken care of quickly. I'd like to see rolls where you can only roll on one item per boss. Just one roll per boss. Yes you would have to choose, but it would eliminate this mage scenario.
What I want to see is not acknowledgement of an issue but I want to see deadlines for the fixes. I want devs to be held accountable for their ineptitude at releasing solid content or lack of fixing problems in a timely manner.

You want to write paychecks for Blizzard employees? Then you can demand all of that stuff I guess.
An enhance shaman queueing for LFR can roll on any piece of mail that drops, because spirit mail technically counts as "dps gear" (for ele shamans) but the system isn't smart enough to differentiate by spec. Said enhance shaman can also roll on any int or spirit jewelry for the same reason.
12/08/2011 07:42 PMPosted by Vonkar
a rogue with the first tier of daggers in my LFR just won Souldrinker

Really? I was reading in another thread that Souldrinker isn't even flagged for DPS -- only tanks were getting the role bonus on it... or did your tanks just pass or were they bears or something?
12/08/2011 06:38 PMPosted by Zarhym
What about the issue where DPS are getting the +100 roll on spirit gear, which should have obviously been marked for the healing role?

You pointed out the reason in the rest of your post. Technically, it's the same issue as the example I covered with hunters rolling on a two-handed Strength weapons. Spirit is a DPS stat for some classes which, therefore, means items with Spirit are flagged for healing and DPS. This is exactly what I mean by the system needing to be more intelligent.

Is there any reason that you guys haven't combined spirit and hit into a single stat? At the moment splitting the stats only serves to give certain hybrid classes more gear for dps specs in comparison to say mages or locks.
Before you complain about DPS rolling on spirit gear you need to recognize that we use spirit as a conversion to +hit, and much of our BiS gear is even spirit based. If you need a clear example, check my armory.
So tonight we have 2 plate classes winning agi items.

the first was a dk that won an agi trinket (with a role bonus no less)
Then the Warrior tank that won the agi polearm?

I get popups all the time as my hunter to roll on strength trinks. WHA?ATA>?

seriously people? This isn't rocket science. DK != agi. Hunter != str. Fix the loot rules.

Had a tank roll on a plate dps belt and got the role bonus. He didn't win it, but still.
12/08/2011 08:03 PMPosted by Wonderviess
Why not just setup restrictions based on class. You don't need it to recognize spec.

Yes, you do need it to recognize spec.

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