Epic Gems in 4.3: A Critical Analysis

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yeah , i'm with ya Auroc. and 2k a pop ,nah >>8k>>12 k a pop thats what ic on my server .

I am at this point very disapointed by Blizz ,i have leveled many 85's now with one goal is to be self sufficient and generous with in game friends & guildie's,helping em out where they need it for all sorte's of reason they have RL to deal with (Kids ,work ,etc) for myself i have lots of time to play (retired =D at 42yo). So my point is that you TOTALLY MESSED IT UP HERE .and should fix it fast.

Get the transmute recipie and a new prism out ,c'mon that would heart soo much?....

yeah mayby a litle bit ,the EJ/Sponsered guild who are part of a gold vending operation

I concur with the original post. Epic gems are simply too hard acquire. As a semi-hardcore raider I barely have time to gear one toon, let alone gear a multitude of alts to gather gems for my main. And not to act as if I'm poor but, I don't wanna spend hundred of thousands of gold on epic gems when I could use that gold to craft the new 397 epics.

OT - To disagree with something someone said earlier about Wrath gems not feeling 'epic'.
I feel like the boundary between Hardcore and Casual has already clearly been defined... I don't think we need to add epic gems to the list.

I hope this thread is seen.
people whine about blizz making the game less challengable now when they make the hardcore content targetted at the hardcore players challenging and hard to get look who is whining >.>
so....jewelcrafters are not the best source for their raw materieals?

Welcome to leatherworking, engineering, alchemy, and blacksmithing.
so....jewelcrafters are not the best source for their raw materieals?

Welcome to leatherworking, engineering, alchemy, and blacksmithing.

All of which have other professions as a source; if anything you should've said tailoring.
so the simple solution, since this whinefest is all about extra bonuses for choosing professions....


face it, a huge rectumload of JCs were really just in it for the measly +1 mainstat they got over all other professions.

This is why the huge outpouring of QQ

"I got +1 to lord over everyone else for a full year, now I'm potentially (but not realistically yet) 30 behind for a few months."


Here is the part I don't get about the epic gems and I agree with the OPs post in many areas, but focusing on PvP.

I can upgrade my wrist armor to the 390 ilvl Ruthless piece or the 403 ilvl Cataclysmic pice. This upgrade provides+33 Strength (going from the 390 to the 403) and +49 stamina (going from 390 to 403). And the stats for the 403 piece are +287 str and +430 stamina.

For my BS, I can add the prismatic socket and likely put in either a +40 Str rare gem that my JC can cut out of his bank supply or spend over 10,000G for a +50 Str epic gem. All so I can have +337 Str vs. +327 Str. I don't see that even requires a decision to be made...+40 gem it is!
Thanks for the post Auroc, well done. I have 6 lvl 85s I play everyday for a hour or less so I have a JC , Blacksmith, Alchemist, etc. I was first excited about epic gems. I do not belong to a raiding guild because I work alot in real life. So epic gems belong to those who can commit hours to raiding DS, I think that sucks!
/bump. Where's a blue on this issue? I also agree this is terrible for players who mostly PvP. If you are a JC who PvPs you are forced to enter into raids in order to try and obtain some of the raw epic gems. I understand you can buy some of these with tokens but what is the point of having JC as your profession if your job is being watered-down and done for you?
The bump bringing this excellent post to my attention, I'd like to support the post in general but one point specifically: uncut epic gems should be prospectable from ore -- pyrite ore makes the most sense. This places the proper relationship between the uncut gems and the jewelcrafter.

They can keep them as currency from the DS raids, but potentially prospected (even if very rare) from pyrium would be best, especially from a PvP perspective. Make pyrium ore able to be purchased with JP or HP would also be a great thing if the uncut epic gems could be prospected from it.
I love the OP. Great topic, well-reasoned, all around good job!
Amazing post.

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