Failed to apply patch. Please try again later

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I wanted to have this posted as this comes up from time to time on patch days or when you are attempting to patch during any point. This should help you for troubleshooting this error.

When attempting to patch, you get the error "Failed to apply patch. Please try again later. If this problem persists you may need to reinstall or contact technical support"

Additional Information
This error message only appears when you are trying to log into WoW directly (bypassing the launcher), and there is a patch that needs to be done.

Make sure you are using the World of Warcraft to patch and start the game. This should be located in /Applications/World of Warcraft
  • If you are missing the World of Warcraft, please run the repair tool located in /Applications/World of Warcraft
  • If your World of Warcraft does not open, or auto-closes after it opens, this may indicate a permissions issue, in which you will need to try to troubleshoot. You can use this handy article here for troubleshooting your Launcher:

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