4.3 Prot Gear List

This is simply a list of tank items added in 4.3 from the new instances, raids, crafted, and valor rewards. Items listed for 'tier' and 'raid' are the normal 10/25 items. LFRaid have slightly lower stats, and heroic slightly higher.

Instance: Annihilan Helm
Valor: Jaw of Repudiation
Tier: Faceguard of Radiant Glory

Valor: Guardspike Choker
Instance BoE: Twilight Amulet

Instance: Pauldrons of the Dragonblight
Raid: Brackenshell Shoulderplates
Tier: Shoulderguards of Radiant Glory

Instance: Iceward Cloak
Valor: Indefatigable Greatcloak

Instance: Breastplate of Tarnished Bronze
Valor: Chestplate of the Unshakable Titan
Tier: Chestguard of Radiant Glory

Valor: Bracers of Unrelenting Excellence
Crafted: Titanguard Wristplates
Raid: Graveheart Bracers

Instance: Gavel of Peroth'arn
Raid: Hand of Morchok
Raid: Souldrinker

Instance: Corrupted Carapace
Raid: Blackhorn's Mighty Bulwark

Valor: Stoutheart Talisman

Instance: Gauntlets of Temporal Interference
Valor: Gauntlets of Feathery Blows
Tier: Handguards of Radiant Glory

Instance: Girdle of Lost Heroes
Valor: Forgesmelter Waistplate
Raid: Goriona's Collar

Instance: Bloodhoof Legguards
Crafted: Foundations of Courage
Tier: Legguards of Radiant Glory

Instance: Chrono Boots
Valor: Bladeshatter Treads
Raid: Stillheart Warboots

Instance: Queen's Boon
Valor: Signet of the Resolute
Raid: Curled Twilight Claw
Raid: Hardheart Ring

Instance: Veil of Lies
Valor: Fire of the Deep
Raid: Indomitable Pride
Raid: Resolve of Undying
Raid: Soulshifter Vortex
If you see a 4.3 item I didn't add, let me know.
So, Which 4 pieces do think think it best itemization if you don't use 5 piece and sub in another raid drop? In FL we used Bale helm + 4 pc, what's gonna be the set up for 4.3?
Gonna say offset shoulders.

Uggh shoulders and gloves are horribly itemized.

I also figure dodge/parry gear is gonna be more valuable this tier as so many of us are CTC capped.

But the 2 gem slots could push the gloves ahead as worst piece....nevermind the other raid glove in your list sucks worse.
Yea, I was thinking shoulders as well, the gloves can still give +140 mastery if you sacrifice dodge, then +80 more from 2 sockets, + 65 from enchant. So you can pull:
+285 Mastery
+211 Dodge
+153 Hit

For Valor gloves, if you reforge the parry (normally parry is higher than dodge anyways) use hybrid mastery/sta gem in blue slot, +40 mastery in BS extr socket, and +65 mastery enchant from Valor gloves:
+231 Mastery
+161 Parry
+171 Expertise

Running the same comparison on the shoulders using Therazane enchant as the standard:

Tier (Using pure mastery and hybird sta/mastery gems):
+193 Mastery
+220 Parry
+199 Expertise
+25 Dodge

+184 Mastery
+252 Dodge
+163 Parry

Well, now that I look at it, I might keep tier shoulders and gloves, because the other choices don't appear to be worth it. Back to the drawing board for me . . . .
Honestly, I have been toiling over this for awhile and I might actually go 5 pc T13. The other options are kind of linear comparatively and I get to match all my gear to boot.
The more I look at it, the more I'm leaning that way myself. I haven't gone through and plugged in stats w/ all items to see where that puts my CTC taking everything into account yet though, we'll see.
Annihilan Helm, Pauldrons of the Dragonblight and Veil of Lies never drop for me ;_;
Having my work schedule f up my raiding has really simplified gearing choices for me...
12/05/2011 01:53 PMPosted by Berenstain
Annihilan Helm, Pauldrons of the Dragonblight and Veil of Lies never drop for me ;_;

It's only been 6 days, relax!
there is a 378 neck that is a trash drop, not sure of name soz
Found it Twilight Amulet Thank you! Adding it to the list

I was considering using the offset shoulders as well, but for some reason I passed over the fact that the tier has the double socket and could be be reforged to make up for the loss in mastery.

After reading this I'm no longer sure, but all I know is that if I do decide to go for it, those 2 I passed on will haunt me for the rest of this tier.
I'll be using the offset shoulders when I'm back to raiding because heroic Morchok is a pretty accessible source for the 410 version compared to Hagara (at least for my guild).
I guess if I did any non-tier piece it would be legs. The crafted ones have a boat load of mastery.
12/27/2011 09:31 PMPosted by Darthelmet
I was considering using the offset shoulders as well, but for some reason I passed over the fact that the tier has the double socket and could be be reforged to make up for the loss in mastery.

The Tier shoulders are not as bad as people believe. They actually have a CTC advantage over the non-tier non-heroic shoulders if you reforge the Parry into mastery. You actually gain .17% CTC if you reforge the parry to mastery, not the expertise (.75% CTC over Brackenshells along with a health advantage). Its Backwards from the standard reforging model, but one of the odd pieces with a large single stat bias + 1 gem slot advantage (it also has a ~600 health advantage over brackenshells). Reforging on the cloak follows suit to this backwards thinking as well (.29% CTC advantage by reforging the parry instead of the expertise)

That said, the difference between the non-tier and tier slots is not that big - The driving force behind why the shoulders are the most popular offset is because Heroic Morchok rolls over and gives out free 410 shoulders that just stomp all over the normal tiers.

Personally, I am shooting for:
Id rather go 5/5 based on this list.
CTC coverage, especially small differences between different gear pieces, isn't *as* important as you get more geared because it's pretty easy to block cap

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