Transmog for Polearm

Since we started using Polearms pretty late, anyone have found a decent Transmog model for polearms? Staves are obviously pretty easy
I'm using Dark Edge of Depravity with the feralheart set and it matches pretty nicely.

Couple other ones I've got to play around with are
Halberd of Smiting
Fordragon Blades
I'm lame, I was using a Grim Scythe.
This one might work since you are mogged to the Arborweave set Black Ice
If you're going for a space goat look:
Black Ice

Always thought this animation was cool:
Orca-Hunter's Harpoon

12/01/2011 09:49 AMPosted by Reesi

I never liked that graphic :(
Yeah, Black Ice seem to go best with Tier12H, but it's probably getting replaced quickly (lol@ tank CD 4 piece bonus)

Halberd of Desolation looks pretty good too, just that it doesn't really match anything
get the addon mogit... very helpful. gives you a preview window of all items that can be mogged and are in-game still
I kinda like the feral PVP polearm... Ruthless Gladiator's Pike

(and not *only* because I have to giggle when ppl yell at me for 'mogging my !@#$ PVP gear, when my weapon gives me away like a baddy', before actually inspecting me...)
This one looks great with the Feralheart set, and it's easy to get since it's sold by a vendor in The Stormspire:
Ethereum Phase-Spear
Witch-Hunter's Harvester if you want the scythe look
Witch-Hunter's Harvester if you want the scythe look

Pretty much my plan as well. Though I like the Black Ice look too.
I've always liked how Hellreaver looked.
blackhand doomsaw it the polearm for me.
I'm having this problem too. Since I'm in T5/T6, there's nothing that really goes well... I want to get the staff from the new 5 mans and then get Origin of Nightmares, but for now I'm just using Witch Hunter's Harvester :|
Brutal glatiator painsaw, its mine

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