No automatic replace on DC please for RF

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Tonight we did a 25 man Dragon Soul raid finder. One of our raiders had issues with her computer and had to log. When she did, she was automatically booted from the group and replaced by the finder.

We were on Hagara and she never got her valor because of this. Could we please make it so that one has to be booted by the group?

I dont think they would adjust this, just for a premade everyone on the PTR was asking for auto-boot on d/c or afk. The only solution I have heard is to invite a 26th person into grp 8 and then swap players and then log out and log in or w/e and then swap them back.
The amount of people who ninja log, or d/c and never come back, far outweigh the legic d/cs, unfortunately. It's already a hassle to kick someone in a 5man, i'd rather have it streamlined for 25, what with the "brb,afk,cat on fires"etc.

Sorry your friend got caught in the middle.
auto kick, autoreplace, auto whatever in a guild run LFR made me rage.

We had 1 guildie dc for less than a minute, get kicked, couldn't invite back, replaced by a pvp tard doing 4k DPS that won 3 tokens.

Require at least 1 vote to remove a player, and require someoen to reque to replace them.

We'd rather 24 man than this.
The 4.3 patch was on the PTR for 2 months. There really is no excuse for this.

I also tested the LFR on the PTR and when we had DC's there was a promt to kick, it took all of half a second to do.

This was a group of 25 that was put together by me, then I queued the group. The person to replace our DC came in (via the finder) for less than 5 minutes and got their raid finder kill.

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