Scarlet Crusade transmog for plate wearers!

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Could there be an exception for Chain of the Scarlet Crusade? I have crazy nostalgia for this set which my paladin wore years ago. It's mail, but that's what paladins and warriors wear at that level!

Whaddaya say? :) Maybe a plate version could be released at the Darkmoon Faire, that sort of thing.
The red recolor of lightbringer fits well with a scarlet crusader theme.

Or the red sunwell plate set.
Well, it's not so much going for the crusader theme. I like that specific set due to nostalgia.
bump :)
I actually used some of the Thorium Set (Helm [although I don't have the helm shown usually], Legs, Belt, Chest, and Boots). For the Shoulder, the closest to Herod's Shoulder is Highlander's Plate Spaulders, which looks like a 2 sided Herod's Shoulder. The gloves have been a pain but I used Shattered Hand Gauntlets, aside from the gold on the bracer part they look really close and have the red upper cusp. Of course I have the tabard and used the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander for the shield.

If you're Alliance and want to go an extra step, the Alterac Battle Ram is white with red barding and the Swift Red Gryphon is also white with red barding.

Hope that helps, and if anyone finds a more suitable replacement for any of the pieces, please let me know!
been rockin this set for a bit i think it looks ok for the scarlet crusade look, but im working on an epic one right now

get back to u all in a few days when i farm it up!
finished my set for scarlet crusade! what do yall think?

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