An Open Letter About Mailing Mogged Heirlooms

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You should know how Blizzard works by now...well I guess if you played for years, this is obviously a bug and Blizzard is going to "fix" it right away! I wish they wouldn't but that's Blizzard...I didn't even know about this "bug" till this post.
it's pretty fun for my level 20 mage to be wearing Warlock T5 armor, but I'm fully expecting this bug to be fixed any minute (and hence, didn't shell out the 400g to transmog my helm/cape)
They won't even let us transmog commons and certain special armor (like the invisible vest), I'd be surprised as hell if this stays in.
This is awesome and I approve of mailing of moggable items.
Dont change it please Blizzard :D

I definitely agree they should keep this!
Odd, when i tested this and mogged heirlooms on my 85s and sent them to low level alts i found weapons worked but shoulders did not.

I liked your post! :)
Thanks for the feedback, folks!

I keep finding new looks I want to send to my alts. It's like a sickness - I had no idea how tired I was of the same old heirloom looks until I had the chance to change them. I liked the purple dress when it first came out, but I've seen enough of it to last my time in game. Give me something new to level in!
I like the idea keeping the mogged heirloom when mailed or whatever.

and I think at this point just remove most limits, let everyone transmog everything in anything they want.

Just my feedback anyways.
No fun allowed.

No doubt however that it will be taken away from us and will cost us later.

This is an awesome feature. It's nice to give the alts some different looks. And it's not like they weren't already wearing gear with models of gear they can't use anyway.
Yeah, mogging BoA cloaks doesn't work. Waste of 300g. Oh well, life goes on.
My wife squeeled with glee when she found out she could do this. Her brand new shaman is in a mixture of WOTLK epics and greens which all match surprisingly well. She's been mortified at the idea that Blizzard will take this away

Do the right thing, Blizzard.
12/04/2011 12:59 AMPosted by Violentguy
Working for me, odd.

Hmm... maybe it works depending on what the secondary item is. (what it is mogged to look like.)

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