An Open Letter About Mailing Mogged Heirlooms

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This accident is amazing, I really hope this is one bug they make into a feature.
I look so beautiful now Blizzard! I'm enjoying leveling! Please don't change it back! D:

The possibilities of this are so much fun, Blizz you can't really hate fun that much can you? I'm sure you can see this as being a benefit right? Right?!
Excellent post OP, and I totally agree with you on it. Blizz please, let it be.
We don't get snow at Christmas where I'm from...
but if you keep this feature I'll make snow-angels all day on my lawn!
Worked for me both cross-account and same account for both sets I used, including plate to a low level mail wearer. :D I am happy just to be able to change the boring old look of looms dude! haha
Tankards of Terror make great leveling weapons for Dwarf Shammys. Just putting that out there. :)
12/04/2011 11:26 AMPosted by Violentguy
And for Heroic Throw giggles! :D

Oh man! I hadn't even thought about that! It's like Brewfest ALL THE TIME!
Totally suport this. Great post (as always), Cynwise! Like you, I have a lot of alts. Would love to see them look cool(er)!
Logged in just to +like this.

admittedly not hopeful though. my spirits have been crushed since blizz removed my ability to use the lookalike potions in druid forms, meh.
sadly I bet they already have a fix in the works.

At any rate, I support the OP.
I TOTALLY suppourt this..
/support I love the fact my toon actually looks like an alliance rogue now :)
12/05/2011 11:03 AMPosted by Shinoloco

Not having to stare at yet another clothey in Dreadmist = win ^_^
I really do hope they allow it. Variety is good, and it's motivation to level more alts.

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