An Open Letter About Mailing Mogged Heirlooms

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The paradigm is that a character must own the items and be able to equip them. I think thats a good paradigm and it should stay. I don't feel it's right for cloth wearers to be running around looking like they are wearing plate, or a level 1 wearing end-game gear.

I think that would just make me quit because what's the point?
12/05/2011 04:52 PMPosted by Mer
If you'd seriously quit over this, then you're just looking for a reason to quit. Good riddance.
12/05/2011 03:09 PMPosted by Anachronism
I really do hope they allow it. Variety is good, and it's motivation to level more alts.

So excited to have found this thread. I read the notes, and just figured it wouldn't work. Updated my heirloom weapons this evening, still pondering what to do with my shoulders. Another vote for leaving this in!
Inserting my two coppers:

Allow heirlooms to be mailed and maintain the transmogrified appearance. Its so nice to be able to level a low level priest in a Mooncloth Robe and Aurora Shoulders and look, you know, like a -PRIEST- rather than a warlock. Or to transmogrify heirlooms so a low level mage looks like a -MAGE-.

Seriously, why isn't this working as intended? What negative impact does allowing a level 1 alt to look decent pose to the rest of the game? It makes leveling fun, to be able to stand in those cut scenes and look nice rather than like some scrub. Even leveling a Warlock I don't think much of the Dreadmist Heirloom set's looks.
I don't wanna look like every other damn caster in the dungeons ;_;
12/06/2011 06:56 AMPosted by Sharai
I don't wanna look like every other damn caster in the dungeons ;_;

Indeed. Leveling while having my heirlooms look like -this- is just made of win!
I'd still like to know why mailing an heirloom and allowing it to retain its transmogrified appearance is a bad thing. If there are issues with allowing one armor class to look like another, then fix that. If you don't want low levels running around in Tier 13, just remove the mog of any items mailed that have the image of weapons and armor that is class-based, so you can't mail your tier 5 to a low level or something.
I think a lot of the furor and confusion over transmogrification restrictions would fade if Blizzard would explain the reasoning behind them.

"You cannot transmog PvP Set X because the ability to do so will be a reward you have to earn."

"You cannot transmog heirloom items because looking goofy is the price you pay for the boosted stats and exp."

It doesn't even have to be a particularly good reason. Just fill us in on the thought process.

When guild perks were announced, there were posts saying Mass Rez and Have Group, Will Travel would ruin raiding and dungeons because people would sneak to the end and summon the party to the boss, or sneak into an opposing city and summon huge groups. Obviously those did not happen, but the speculation was there because the restrictions were not explained.

If there is a reason for this restriction, lay it on us. We can take it.

As for my personal opinion, I believe the more customization a game can have, the better. While this is ultimately a minor complaint about a feature that has no actual impact on the gameplay, it's a feature that was important enough for Blizzard employees put dozens, of not hundreds, of hours into. Their hard work paid off. Let ours. You're asking us to immerse ourselves into your created world, to devote hundreds of hours into our characters, so why not let us take those characters as deep as we like?
Shouldn't there be an original post?
For those who missed the OP (it seems to have been deleted), it is available here:

I personally see no harm in letting heirlooms keep their transmogged looks when mailed and if it adds so much fun to the leveling process, it would be a shame to remove it.
The OP was deleted. I'm not sure why, but I have emailed the forum administrators to ask.

Update: the forum administrators restored the OP, so I will delete the copy I'd pasted in here.

I am disappointed to see the OP of this thread removed without explanation. Being able to transmogrify my heirlooms has been my favorite thing about this patch. (And I liked this patch a lot.) Looking at the old gear and thinking of all the fun I could have with my alts and twinks has got me excited again about questing, and pvp, and old dungeons. I'm not the only one, either. I really hope that being able to transmogrify heirlooms is an unintended FEATURE and not a bug.

There's absolutely nothing more silly or ridiculous about a level 1 in random high level gear than an 85 raiding in starter greens or a level 1 in Warlock Dungeon Set of Purple Boredom. You've spent SO long crafting beautiful, fun, and meaningful gear and instituting a system to let us have more choice, let us enjoy it on all the toons eligible to wear those slots.
It would be very nice if they let us transmog heirlooms and mail them off. I know I get sick and tired of looking at the same type of armor for 80-85 levels. I know this might be construed as fun, Blizzard, but let us have some fun for a change.
Female Undead warrior in pally T2 ftw.
First of all:

I couldn't give a crap less about transmog. It just isn't anything I want to do. Which is fine, because my lack of interest doesn't take away from anyone else in the slightest.


I always assumed the whole purpose of transmog was to make players not feel like a bunch of clones. To let us, the player, dictate just a little bit in how our characters look as we play the game.


Heirlooms are essential these days. Sure you can do it without, but if you want to be competitive in 10-79 PVP or level quickly...

...and thusly:

Even while not caring about transmog; I do, and probably always will care, about how much I look like a clone of everyone else. I am not a rich player (I despise AH PVP,) so wasting gold on transmogging stuff, like my heirlooms and then not being able to let the leveling priest or warlock get to use them, is ridiculous.

BUT if I can transmog them and anyone who can use the heirloom can have the look, then I would probably try it out. It doesn't break the system and, as it is, there could be even MORE people trying out transmog rather than just ignoring it like I am. Isn't that one of your goals Blizzard? To get people to use the things you spend lots of time and effort on? Help us help you help us!!

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