An Open Letter About Mailing Mogged Heirlooms

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Between the new haircuts and transmogging my BoA gear across multiple characters, I've had more fun leveling in the last week than I have in the last 6 years of playing this game.
Please blizzard, let us have this. Allow just a little bit of fun for the alt leveling grind
i WANT heirloom T6!!!
Oh wow...

I hope they keep this.
After writing to the forum administrators, the original post has been restored. It was deleted inadvertently.

The last hotfix broke this and I confess that I'm sad to see it go. It popped my bubble of enthusiasm quite nicely. :(
Some clarifications:

You can still transmog Heirlooms. That has NOT been removed.

  • If you don't want to look the same for 80-85 levels, you don't have to. Transmog into something else.
  • If you don't want to look like "every other caster" then don't. Transmog into something else.
  • If you don't want your Priest looking like a Warlock, then don't. Transmog into something else.

I think a lot of the furor and confusion over transmogrification restrictions would fade if Blizzard would explain the reasoning behind them.

"You cannot transmog PvP Set X because the ability to do so will be a reward you have to earn."

"You cannot transmog heirloom items because looking goofy is the price you pay for the boosted stats and exp."

1. Only level 60 PVP sets can't be transmogged, and Blizzard has explained why. All other PVP sets are fair game.
2. You CAN transmog heirloom items. You just can't mail them and keep transmogs. So mail first, then transmog.
I absolutely love this new feature. I've been running a lot more stuff on my main because it opens up all these possibilities of making sweet low level sets without having to worry about holding back a raid.

Please leave it be, or if anything, make it an official feature.
i dont think is still works how do you do iti have tryed sending stuff still ose not work dose it have to be pally to pally
They fixed that bug. Which was stupid, but it WAS a bug. They didn't fix the profanity filter bug though, but hey there's two bugs: 1 allows fun, the other is annoying to players. Which is getting the fix first?
12/07/2011 08:40 AMPosted by Null
Why wouldn't they let this happen? I do not understand. People like it. Happy people = happy customers? What's wrong with that? I am confused.

The people who have done it and didn't want it to go away - want it. People who think that a character should earn their appearance, then have the ability to always look like their favorite gear without sacrificing performance, think this stinks.

So you can see which cap each poster is in when they respond to these threads.
i just did this on a low lvl mage, i WANT to look good, so i xmogged gear i EARNT on my 85 mage and am now enjoying my lvl 10 mage looking like a full ruthless geared mage (ones alliance ones horde) i earnt the gear and couldnt care less about those who think they should earn their appearance, fact is, i earnt it on another toon, much like the loom gear that is xmogged, i fully support keeping this.
We don't get snow at Christmas where I'm from...
but if you keep this feature I'll make snow-angels all day on my lawn!
Blizzard can you hear us? we want Transmog heirlooms =D.
I agree. I didn't even know this axe existed and it looks fantastic transmogged.
I agree with OP, i think you should spend more time fixing Blood dk, sub rogues, frost mages etc... Instead of fun *bugs* like that one.
This bug helped me regain interest in alts that I have left rotting for months.

One of them is a clothie. The third clothie I've leveled with heirlooms. One thing I realized as I leveled the two that came before that as nice as it was the have the stat bonuses, increased exp gain and not having to worry about winning rolls for those slots that heirlooms filled was that I really, really didn't like looking exactly the same for 80 levels. That it was boring to be static even though you were supposedly progressing. It was the only thing I could see where clown suiting your way to victory had an advantage. And it was especially bad to have characters that were visually unchanged for so long when you have two of them like that at the same time.

While I could simply use quest rewards, drops and AH finds to change up the looks I'm sure many agree that low level gear, especially when it comes to shoulders, has a habit of looking like the work of an intern. The textures are as gritty and pixelated as the heirlooms we're trying to cover up. Being able to throw even higher level crafted gear graphics with higher quality art onto these heirlooms has been wonderful. My current clothie is sporting a robe and shoulders from 10 man Naxx. And it's made logging on to it and my other alt more appealing. I'm not looking at a log in screen and thinking, "Not again." I'm looking at it and seeing something new and appealing even though I know it's the same grind, different toon.

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