(CORE RESTO NEEDED) Epitome needs you!

We're currently seeking a Resto Druid / Shaman for our core raid spots, raids are 10-1am server (CST) Tues-Wed, with a possible Thursday for progression. We're expecting 99.5% consistency, with room for emergencies, of course. Please have knowledge of 4/12 heroic, as we have plans on working on progression, as well as having a bit of patience.

We do use a loot council system, however it is based on attendance/attitude/previous gear.Hello Garona!

Epitome is a long standing guild on the Garona server you may recognize it as it was known from 2008 until the beginning of December 2011, A New Hope, and before that, we were The Late Night Crew on the Maelstrom server.

As of this moment, our core team should be filled. But as always, we are openly accepting casual / family ranked players who just want a mature social atmosphere.

Apply on http://www.epitomeofgarona.com/, as well as contacting an officer in game (Myself, Perun, Redemption, Theaofdeath or various alts of ours.)

Please remember to check back on your application!
i has shield, i tank?
... I love you, Abo.
Don't tease me, Indi.

Come on guys, we don't bite! We only nibble...
Must have one by Tuesday or we're screwed :(

GIEF tank!!!!
/Bump simply because you called this game "difficult" lol But I feel for your tank.
If you don't get one Crit, let me know. Ill see what I can do. <3

Star Wars comes out the 20th though...
Bump, we really need a permanent tank.
And so rests one of my absolute favorite guild tags. :(
I'm sorry Sara, but it was time for a change. So many of our original members are gone, with only a very short list of who has been in the guild more then two years.

No matter what, A New Hope was still the better movie.
A quick bump and edited first post.

We're also seeking a Mage / Lock / S-priest
where are you galtia?!

Abo threatened to put out nude pictures of me if I didn't make him bracers... He's a bad person, people have the right to know.
Go Horde. you kno you want to...
El Bumpo.
Left my guild last night in search of a raid. Is 10-1 server time or EST? I may've missed that somewhere. I have the mage, a holy priest (Kelrym), and a pvp rogue that I'm working on gearing for PVE (wtb fangs). Prefer raiding with the mage or priest, but the priest is heals. I shudder to think what his shadow damage would be after playing holy for so long :D

I'll take a look at your site.
I may have some bad news, smothered in the possibility of good news.

I believe I have, as of last night, filled the ranged slot, with a tank trial starting tonight.

However, we might be short a healer now (I would love to catch a break.)

If our Resto Shaman does not show tonight, I have every intention of replacing him (This isn't the first time he has disappeared). The ideal replacement would be another Resto Sham, or a priest.

10-1 is CST (Server)

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