(CORE RESTO NEEDED) Epitome needs you!

Had to run back to work earlier when we were chatting. Would love to raid heal on the priest, and I can sit Cym off in case we need a ranged over a heal at some point. Keep me posted!

I may have some bad news, smothered in the possibility of good news.

I believe I have, as of last night, filled the ranged slot, with a tank trial starting tonight.

However, we might be short a healer now (I would love to catch a break.)

If our Resto Shaman does not show tonight, I have every intention of replacing him (This isn't the first time he has disappeared). The ideal replacement would be another Resto Sham, or a priest.

10-1 is CST (Server)

A rogue with bandages is better than a resto shaman. Come on now.
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Updated, we are in need of a Resto Shaman or Druid, Shaman preferably, guaranteed tier!
i know a shammy his name is Numb great resto shammy! =)

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