Help us players send BoA armor cross-realm!!

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Blizzard needs to enable us players to send Bind on Account Armor and Weapons across realms to other characters on our account. What's the point of calling it bind on Account if you can't send the armor cross-realm?
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unfortunately they make money from people transferring characters across realms :(
Seems that they could find a balance. Allowing maybe 1 or 2 xfers per year or something, charging for the rest. Or simply make it all free and then selling more pets or mounts. Lots of ways I see they could balance what the players want and what the bankers want. Bottom line: happier players spend more!
Its not something involving money, they just have a technical problem sending items across realms. Streeter said in a recent interview however that they do plan on finding a way to make BoA's and achievements truly account bound.
What I'd suggest them do is make work similar to SE Pets that checks your bag to see that you have it then a vendor has them (limit 1 per character) where you can grab them free of charge. If obtained this way you can't send them back for jp/honor.
12/05/2011 10:10 PMPosted by Aurellia
unfortunately they make money from people transferring characters across realms :(

No. Blizzard has responded to this many many times and the limitation has nothing to do with making money. The issue is technical to a degree that it cannot be done. Why, I don't know, but similarly Blizzard cannot add more slots to our 12-slot backpacks.
Yeah i dont see the point either i think that if have already bought the item you should beable to transfer to any character that doesn't have one cause if i have one realm that has all lvl 80 characters and i have another realm with lower levels i should beable to send them but its not like that i think it should change
Blizzard is just a bunch of greedy bleeps... they make 15 a month from each player, plus all the game purchases and mounts/companions.... and this is from several several million people. Aint no reason to charge 25-30 dollars for a very simple and routine transfer/faction change.
if you believe its not doable you are way to gullible... they can easily do it, no different than transferring a character, it would be easily done through the website. It may have to take X amount of hours or a day or two, but it is easily done by someone with the amount of resources that blizzard has.
Cant transfer BoA items? Fair enough, but since I can buy a mount / vanity pet and have it mailed to me on every toon no matter which server, no matter established or newly created, BoA could easily be done in a similar way.

A toon gets a BoA item, it is mailed to the highest lvl toon on each server you have a toon on, done. No need to transfer an item between servers, just clone the item for each server.

Make a new toon on a new server, and bang, you have mail of all the mounts, vanity pets, and BoAs waiting for you to get to the nearest mailbox.
wat do u mean by like copying
1 thing i wished that di not exist was soulbound items
Lorson makes a wonderful point that is probably the easiest fix to the problem right there your first character on a server should have mail waiting containing every BoA you have on your original server...problem solved blizzard...
Its not that blizzard is greedy or dosent want to mqke it aaccount boound.. its not as easy as just pasting a sprite or what not to the page... they would have to find the correct coding and scripts just to add it then do all his other confusing stuff... tue point is its nnot easy just to put in anything to the game it takes a somewhat confusing prosess
What about they chuck an extra one of those Ethereal dudes in with the others?

You know; Transmog, Void Storage, Reforge?

Just wack another one of them there, call him "Wa'Fuub" or something, label him as a <Inter-Dimensional Delivery Boy> or something, then allow players to place strictly BoA items within it. Maybe charge gold per item or something seeing as Blizz is always looking for ways to create gold sinks to even out the economy.

Then, regardless of whatever server or character or faction you are on, the Inter-Dimensional Storage man will always have the items within it. Sort of like a bank inventory, except it's err'where.

Or something.

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