<A> 5/8 LF pPally or Bear. 10m 6hr/wk

<Revolt> is recruiting an off-tank to complete our mature and laid back 10m raid group. We're a progression minded casual guild raiding 6 hours per week.

In Revolt we focus on having a good time, raiding with friends in a tight 10 man group while killing bosses in 2 hours time. We are progression minded but we are casual in nature.

Here is some of our current information.

Raid Times:
6pm - 8pm PST

Cata raiding progress:
12/12 T11 pre nerf.
7/7 and 4/7 heroic FL

Currently 5/8 in Dragon Soul.

We also have a number of members who enjoy pvp'ing and quite a few of us run alt runs to keep multiple characters geared out.

Lastly and most importantly we invite the person, not the player. We surround ourselves with friends who intend on killing stuff rather than people who kill stuff and *intend* on being your friend.

Real ID me :D
Really love a laid back off tank to hang out with

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