Mankinis! A guy's guide to skimpy.

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This one is for the Gents! You guys kept asking me for one, so here it is! ^_^
I researched everything that showed a bit of skin on the males and put it all together in one spot for easy reference for you.
While most of these do have full sets, I am only listing those items that have a skimpy appearance on the males and discussing a little of what got them on the list. Legs will be found separately at the bottom of each armor type post.

May you ever be fashionable, and as covered (or un-covered) as you desire. ;)
As always, if I am missing a design, color or alternate way of acquiring something, please let me know and I will happily add it! <3
The guide for the Ladies can be found here:

Plate Chest Options

Starting off with the one design in plate that is skimpier on males than females, a bit of a harness-y look with chain accents; In grey Stormforged Breastplate, Gateshattering Hauberk, Rough Stone Carapace, and Troggzor's Crystalline Plate. In dark grey Druidic Guardian Plate, Chestplate of Exceptional Expectations and Oddly Revealing Chestguard. In green Jasperlode Breastplate, Direforge Breastplate, Fargodeep Breastplate, Stonewrought Breastplate, Crystalvein Breastplate, Dreadmaul Breastplate, and Rethban Breastplate. And in blue Damplight Chestplate, Chestplate of Fragrant Desire, Chestguard of Cognitive Dissonance, and Chestguard of Alarming Dreams.

Then we have some nice side and back exposure with this skin; In grey Slatesteel Breastplate or Heroic Armor, in gold Flamebane Breastplate, in gold/grey Heavy Earthforged Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Breastplate, in black Thick Obsidian Breastplateand in brown/red Breastplate of the Warbringer.

These sets allow you to display those rock-hard abs perfectly. In black Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, in silver Grimscale Armor and in gold Shattered Hand Breastplate.

Over here we have a bit of belly-button showing, and a generous amount of lower back exposure. In gold Conqueror's Breastplate, in blue Hydralick Armor and Ornate Mithril Breastplate, and in red Bloodscale Breastplate and Gilded Crimson Chestplate.

These jagged tops leave the midriff mostly bare, save for a spike in the front and back. In black Drakescale Breastplate, in blue Warleader's Breastplate and Adamantite Breastplate, in brown Brutish Breastplate and in black/gold Exalted Harness.

Some bareness at the waist and sides here, save for a few straps. In gold Bloodfist Breastplate, in red Demon Forged Breastplate, Boulderfist Armor and Darkcrest Breastplate and in silver/gold Truesilver Breastplate.

A bit more coverage than the previous tops, these still offer a bit of belly and side exposure. In blue/red Lost Chestplate of the Reverent, Soul Saver's Chest Plate and Runic Breastplate, in blue/gold Chestguard of Illumination and Templar Chestplate, in purple Revenant Chestplate, Murkblood Avenger's Chestplate and Chestplate of A'dal, in green Ironvine Breastplate and Emerald Breastplate and in red Thorium Armor.

These tops leave a generous amount of back and sides bare, dipping in the front to frame the belly button perfectly. In red/gold Hyperion Armor, in a rosy brown/orange Commander's Armor, in white/purple/red Scavenged Breastplate and Imbued Plate Armor and in a silver/gold/black Enchanted Thorium Breastplate.

These styles are fairly borderline skimpy, but the expanse of lower back showing has me include them. In black/red The Exarch's Protector, in green/gold Silithid Carapace Chestguard, in black/grey Spiderfang Carapace and in brown/blue Breastplate of Retribution.

This skin leaves most of the upper back bare, with some wonderful strap accents. In red Warmaul Breastplate and Warlord's Iron-Breastplate.

A nice midriff-baring style here; In grey Chromite Chestplate, a soft orange Embossed Plate Armor, silver Field Plate Armor and in blue Jouster's Chestplate.

Ending off the tops with a few single options; A plate harness Durotan's Battle Harness. A belly button-baring gold top Khan'aish Breastplate. And a wonderfully skimpy option that leaves those pecs and upper back exposed Talonguard Armor.

Plate Leg Options

There Really, just one. =/ WTB a few more options please, Blizz!
Skyfire Greaves is the only leg that varies from the standard waist-high and ankle or knee lengths. It is very, very low cut and a nice, slim belt such as Belt of the Fallen Emperor or Royal Qiraji Belt will not cover that up.
Mail Chest Options

Starting off with a mid-riff barer with a nice mesh chain accent. In green Der'izu Chestpiece, in black/grey Double Link Tunic, in brown Fortified Chain, and in an orangey red Martyr's Chain, Raider's Chestpiece and Marshcreeper Fen-Vest.

Next up is a fantastically bare jagged style, with a single point dipping down in the back and front. In black/gold Golden Dragonstrike Breastplate, in green Fel Iron Chain Tunic in black/grey Black Dragonscale Breastplate and in brown Bloodsoul Breastplate.

Some nice side and lower back exposure with this model; In black/grey Dark Iron Mail, in white/red Wrathfin Armor, in gold/green Captain's Breastplate and in white/gold Mail Combat Armor.

A bit of waist and lower back baring here, with a few nice peek-a-boo cutouts as well. In gold Triumphant Chestpiece, in a fiery red/orange Magnificent Breastplate and in ivory Bonelink Armor.

This style bares a bit of waist in the front, then rises to bare the lower back. In silver/gold Ornate Breastplate, in dark gold Masterwork Breastplate and in orange Engraved Breastplate.

Here we have a cute half-shirt to highlight those sexy abs. In purple/pink Netherstalker Armor and Skettis Chestpiece, in green Green Dragonscale Breastplate, in gold Dragonscale Breastplate and Phantom Armor and in white/purple Defender Tunic.

This style has a nice bare upper back, accented with a few straps. In red Royal Decorated Armor and Hero's Breastplate, in an amberish color Bonechewer Berserker's Vest and Radiant Breastplate and in a soft gold Lord's Breastplate.

This one is a bit of a 'tank top' look, with the upper back and shoulders exposed. In purple/black Spiked Chain Breastplate, in gold/black Grunt's Chestpiece, in purple/blue Outrunner's Chestguard in red/green War Paint Chestpiece and in sliver/black/red Bloodspattered Surcoat.

Oddly enough, these have two different styles on females, but pretty much the same waist and side-baring skin on the gents. In silver Warp-Shielded Hauberk, Slarkskin and Ironspine Chain Vest, in green Fenclaw Armor and Cadet Vest, in bronze Rough Bronze Cuirass, Ravager Chitin Tunic and Copper Chain Vest and in gold Lambent Scale Breastplate

This one will perfectly frame those sexy abs. In silver Knight's Breastplate, Shining Silver Breastplate and Ironforge Breastplate.

A feathery look that bares the belly button, sides and lower back. In black Wildthorn Mail and in brown Gryphon Mail Breastplate.

Not a whole lot of skimpy on this one, but it does leave that belly button exposed in a flesh band around the waist. In purple Felstone Chain Vest, in blue Nexus-Strider Breastplate, in green Soldier's Armor and in brown Veteran Armor.

More flesh bands and belly buttons here with these; In green Dreamscale Breastplate and Brackwater Vest, in a rusty red War Torn Tunic, and in silver/brown Battle Chain Tunic and Charger's Armor.

One of the skimpiest of mail options, this one pretty much covers the pecs and upper back, with a bit of dangling chain fringe for accent. In purple Steadfast Breastplate, in silver Sentry's Gloves and in a BoP Horde Blacksmith only gold Barbaric Iron Breastplate.

A bare lower back for this skin; In gold Sparkleshell Breastplate and in ivory Ancient Chestpiece.

Finishing up with a few single color options here; A bit of bare waist and lower back in brown Brigade Breastplate and Ironspine's Ribcage. Exposed sides and back with a sort of peek-a-boo panel look Bloodmail Hauberk and Ravager's Armor in a rusty red. A midriff top that covers only the pecs Chestguard of Rampaging Fury in red/grey. A chain harness Harness of the Deep Currents. A belly button and side barer in dark red Chief Brigadier Armor. And this gem which exposes the pecs and upper back in a pewter/brown Marauder's Tunic.

Mail Leg Options

A few more pieces than in plate, but we are still a bit skimpy on the options here.

First up, the loincloth-y looks. In purple/black Spiked Chain Leggings, in black/gold Grunt's Legguards, in purple/blue Outrunner's Legguards, in red/green War Paint Legguards, in silver/red/black Bloodspattered Loincloth. Slightly different texture in green Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel. A bit more coverage in gold Barbaric Legstraps.

Then we have a great short-shorts style with dangling chain fringe. In purple
Steadfast Legplates and in silver Sentry's Leggings.

This one looks like some panels over your undergarments, and leaves the outer thigh bare. Ravager's Woolies.

Then this design which leaves the inner thighs exposed. In gold Sparkleshell Legguards and in ivory Ancient Legguards.
Leather Chest Options

Well, there is not a whole lot here for the gents. =/ I thought leather was a bit lacking in skimpy for the ladies, but men seem to have it even worse. You do get a slew of harnesses however, a few well-placed straps make for a fine outfit. ;)

Kicking it off, harness style! There is more skin than not when wearing these little gems. ;)
An embellished, tribal look, Warbear Harness and Barbaric Harness are similar to Ceremonial Leather Harness but lack the arm beads. This three-strap look is in black/purple Buckled Harness, brown Brawler's Harness and Grizzly Jerkin and red Battered Leather Harness.
A slightly different style comes in red Wolffear Harness, green Primal Wraps and Gnoll War Harness and purple Studded Leather Harness.
This design has a strap and ring style; In yellow Headhunter's Armor, Cutthroat's Vest and Spirewind Fetter, brown Murkblood Chestpiece, Quillward Harness and Battle Harness, a darker brown Raptor Hide Harness, and a brown/green Feral Harness.
Here is an 'X' design; in brown Peerless Armor and two in tan Warden's Wraps and Sentinel Breastplate.

This style has a mail look to it, and is similar to a skin found in that section. With waist and side exposure, in purple Thick Murloc Armor and in silver Murloc Scale Breastplate.

A very low cut design, the plunging 'V' goes almost to the navel. In red Imposing Vest, in blue Trickster's Vest, in brown Nocturnal Tunic and Hyena Hide Jerkin, in light brown Dokebi Chestguard and in green Dervish Tunic.

These boast a slighter 'v' neckline, but still highlight the chest. In green Gypsy Tunic, in brown Dirty Leather Vest, in black/red Prospector's Chestpiece and in purple Darkmoon Vest.

These ones feature an open front all the way down, with a few straps across. In red Vest of Sobbing, in white Vest of Restraint, in black Walloper's Chestpiece and in green Leafsong Vest.

Sexy savage look! Upper chest and back left bare in this design. In green Jadefire Chestguard and Keeper's Armor, in yellow Pridelord Armor, Chieftain's Breastplate and Scorpashi Breastplate, and in red Praetorian Padded Armor and Cabalist Chestpiece.

Most of the back is exposed on this one, it has a very interesting neckline as well. In green Huntsman's Armor, in brown Reinforced Leather Vest, dark brown Insignia Chestguard and purple (Alliance only) Nickwinkle's Harness Experiment.

A feathery design with a bit of waist and back left bare. In black Sacred Feather Vest and brown Ironfeather Breastplate.

There is nothing hidden here! Perfect for that 'Barbarian' or 'Demon Hunter' look.
Sandrene's Invisible Vest. *Note: This item is ineligible for Transmog at the moment. Keep it though, and keep your fingers crossed that they be changing their minds on this one ;)*

Finishing up with the single options; A side-baring robe in orangey red Flamestrider Robes. That same side-baring skin in a green top only Jinxed Hoodoo Skin. An open front look in purple Armor of the Fang. And this open front, ab barer in brown/green Archer's Jerkin.

Leather Leg Options

Bring on the loincloths! Showcase those muscular legs of yours with these gems. <3

Starting with Ceremonial Leather Loincloth and Warbear Woolies as your skimpiest looks. Then we have a different loincloth-y look in a few colors; In yellow Pridelord Pants, Scorpashi Leggings and Chieftain's Leggings, in green Jadefire Pants and Keeper's Woolies and in red Cabalist Leggings and Praetorian Leggings.

Moving on to a cute short-short design. Warden's Woolies and Sentinel Trousers in a tan and Peerless Leggings in a darker brown.

This one has a strappy look that exposes the inner thigh. Savage Leggings. A different design for slightly more thigh coverage; In brown Insignia Leggings and tan Reinforced Leather Pants.

A bit of ripping highlights the hip here. In green Primal Leggings and red Feral Leggings.
Then a sexy slit down the outside of the thigh, in purple Leggings of the Fang.
Cloth Chest Options

Beginning with an open-front vest look; In purple Barbaric Cloth Vest, in green Ancestral Tunic, in dark brown Aboriginal Vest and tan Barbaric Linen Vest.

Some serious skimpy going on right here, these don't cover much of anything; Primitive Mantle is also in a skirted version Ancestral Robe and again in green Beaded Robe or blue Mystic's Robe. Primitive Mantle is in blue/gold and Polychromatic Visionwrap for a red version or a pink/blue skirted version Barbaric Cloth Robe.

A few other various open-front looks here; In green Green Woolen Vest, red Red Linen Vest and brown Foreman Vest. With a slight bit of lacing; In black/blue Mystic's Wrap, in black/red Ritual Tunic and in black/green Beaded Wraps. A bit of a more elegant chest-barer; in black/red Embersilk Tunic, in blue/purple Darkmist Armor, in blue/gold Raincaller Vest and Lunar Vest, in green Silksand Tunic and in brown Resilient Tunic.
The classic sexy pirate look; In white Buccaneer's Vest, in red Corsair's Overshirt and in black(ish) Black Swashbuckler's Shirt. Short sleeved versions in blue Azure Silk Vest and red Crimson Silk Vest.

Some seriously low-cut designs here, for showing off those pecs. ;)
Robes in light brown Resilient Robe and Frayed Robe. And dark brown, Thistlefur Robe. A top of a different style in ivory Stonecloth Vest and with sleeves Ghostweave Vest or Grimlok's Tribal Vestments, green with sleeves Vital Tunic, or no sleeves Watcher's Jerkin and two styles in brown, Geomancer's Jerkin or Sanguine Armor and Crochet Vest.

A style open to almost the navel; In bright blue Arachnidian Armor and green Venomshroud Vest, Hibernal Armor and Eldr'naan Jerkin.

A side-baring robe style; In orange Silksand Wraps, in green Vital Raiment, in red Felcloth Robe, in blue Sage's Robe and in purple Robes of the Shadowcaster.

A few more robe styles here; This one in red perfectly shows off those abs, Robe of Evocation or Ritual Shroud.
Some serious pec baring here; In red/purple Robes of Dissention or green Hexing Robes.
This one bares the navel, and a bit of the chest behind the straps Stonecloth Robe. Then we have the ever-so-sexy Twilight Cultist Robe. And, of course, the shoulder and midriff baring design of the lovely Black Embersilk Gown.

Mostly bare chest in this lovely design, the robe even has a bit of a slit to show off the legs. ;)
In brown/gold/purple Highborne Robes, in brown/blue/gold Gaea's Raiment and in a darker brown/blue/gold Windchaser Robes.

These Holiday outfits leave little to the imagination. While not Transmoggable items, who doesn't love a dude in a dress? Lovely Black Dress Lovely Blue Dress Lovely Purple Dress Lovely Red Dress and Spring Robes.

Cloth Leg Options

We have two styles total, with a few color choices.

Starting with the fuzzy undergarments! In purple Barbaric Loincloth, in green Ancestral Woollies and dark brown Aboriginal Loincloth. There is also an extremely rare light brown one, if you care to try and track it down. Ripped Ogre Loincloth.

Then we have a leg style with an open slit down the side; In purple Heap Leggings, in bright blue Spellshock Leggings and Arachnidian Legguards and in green Hibernal Pants, Deadly Borer Leggings and Eldr'naan Pants.
Reserved once more, just in case. ;)
That should do it.
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Good job hun!

I expect to see a lot of these used in game!


Thanks Lull. <3
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