[Itemization] Timepiece of the Bronze Flight

Bug Report
This item is an Int decrease (a small one, but a decrease none the less) over Heroic Ward from Beth. It seems odd that a 397 Shield has no socket and ultimately less Int than an Item 6 iLevels below it. Seems like quite an odd stat allocation for this specific item considering the equivalent comparison between an item like a helm (Casque of Flame vs Glowing Wings of Hope) shows an Int Increase.
The offhand from Ultra has a socket, so shield users will be going for that. The shield is just a placeholder for a maelstrom crystal without a similar socket and bonus if you have the 391 Beth shield.

I really think they just forgot to add the socket somewhere along the line
There seems to be something lacking with the itemization of the Timepiece of the Bronze Flight. It's either missing passive int or a gem socket.

Using +40 gems in the items.
There's a +7 int increase between the 378 and the 397 shield.
There's a +74 int increase betweeen the 378 and the 397 off-hand.

Compare shields from Firelands / DS:


With offhand drops from Firelands / DS:


(Remember to manually add gem and socket bonuses to the items with gem slots. +50 or +60 depending on gem type used.)

It would be lovely to have this discrepency addressed as it does cause some consertnation when Paladins and Shaman roll on off-hands.
If this was indeed some kind of itemization oversight I'd love to see a fix! I have no problems using shields but the Intellect difference between the two Dragon Soul off-hands (the Ledger and this shield) make currently makes the shield unattractive to use. :(
Would be nice to know if it'll be corrected so I don't jack this from our casters for no reason.
Yes, please. I get why you took away the roll bonus for Paladins and Shamans but please make our offhand as good as everyone else's.

PS: Side note, I thought Blizzard used an exact calculation for item level taking stat amounts into consideration, but not sockets. I guess this disproves that.
This screams itemization issue.
thanks for the gem slot/bonus guis really needed it on this piece.
This proves it - Blizz just wants your money. No more off-hands for shammies, we have to use lame shields. bad luck for people like me who won an off-hand and now can't use it!
12/14/2011 12:29 AMPosted by Bisonox
we have to use lame shields.

If you had not noticed the poster above you the shield was modified. Posted on a relevant char.

Edit bah tooltip is out of date. Red socket+ 10 int socket bonus
I was going to suggest the armor on the shield accounted for the item budget discrepency but after comparing other shields to off-hands at equal ilevels, it's pretty obvious that the shield is just plain under-budgeted.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon
12/31/2011 06:12 PMPosted by Mookosh
Hopefully this will be fixed soon

Was already fixed 2 weeks ago, just look at Wilhelm's post, as well as Manati's post directly above yours. The armory still shows the shield pre-change, but it has been updated:


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