Dear Garrosh Alliance

Stop posting Elementium Ore for 200g per stack. You CANNOT prospect epic gems from it, the people who told you they could were scamming you into paying their jacked up Elementium prices.

That is all. :)
Look at the price of rare gems, in most cases those too are through the roof.
12/06/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Ancalimei
Look at the price of rare gems, in most cases those too are through the roof.

Yup. Even I have noticed this on the Horde side of this realm. Many items are priced pretty high compared to some of my Real ID friend's that play on different realms.

It's just the way the economy on each realm goes it looks like. Hopefully the prices on many items will drop soon. But hopefully they won't drop too low, But instead to a decent price than some of the items in the Auction House are at this current time.

For those that do sell items, It is a seller's market out there if you do wish to make a lot of gold really fast. I have noticed many of my items I sell such as my stacks of 20 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth will go off the Auction House pretty fast for around 320 gold per stack.

Even the Guardian Cub companion pet you can sell on the Auction House from the Blizzard Store appears to be rising in price on the Auction House again!

For those buying items in the Auction House, Keep an eye on it as the prices for many items do drop really low from time-to-time. It's just a matter of timing until you will get an item for a great deal! So, Be sure to watch the Auction House when you can. =)
what we need is a world economy were the AH is all servers....

ah nevermind thats stupid :P

well... now is a GREAT time to be selling, farm like hell and shove those prices down!

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