15-19 exp off battleground queues

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Hopefully today's extended maintenance will fix the issue, can we see a response about that as well? vvvvvvvvvvvv

12/06/2011 03:10 AMPosted by Lrigsmirg
also, queuing for War Game Battlegrounds with your experience off still doesn't work!

This is still a problem. The Battleground will pop but once you try to enter the BG nothing happens and you are not put into the battleground or even to the loading screen.

Also, my own personal experience with this is that we had 9 xp-off players and one xp-on player. The queue popped for all of us and the xp-on player was the only one who actually got in despite all of us attempting to enter. Wargame arenas seem to go off without a hitch at least.
Have you heard of Dirtyauction?

ur awful

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