Any good Male Priest Transmog sets?

I'm having a horribly hard time finding good sets. All the cloth gear looks amazing on females, but pathetic on males. The only thing that happens to look good is tier gear, but I'd like to stay away from the general tier gear. Most people are just transmogging for old tiers and I don't want that.

Any good ideas for good male cloth transmog sets? :/ Thanks for your help!
Try the oracle set. It takes some time to get it but it looks pretty cool. I use the crown.
The nice thing about this is the freedom you have. I like basic looks so I'm happy with the simplicity of just low level greens. I also like the look the original Dungeon set, which was just blues. I use that on my pally. It's all about preference.

But the oracle set isn't bad, if you have the time/inclination.
Wrath Tier 10! :D
Thanks for the ideas so far! Looking at the oracle set now. All ideas are appreciated. ^^
they told me I could be anything. So I became a rogue.
I've seen some of the male toons on my server using similar to what I've got transmogg'd, and pulling it off rather well. Since the look is used in the Cathedral (Stormwind) by both male and female genders, it's pretty neutral. But it can be a painful AH hunt.
You have to look around a little, but the good stuff is there. An easy place to start would be buying an arcane robe of the AH and wearing a gray shirt underneath.
See the Warp Infused D@%*! Penumbral has? Any variations on that robe (that model comes in many colors) or the model he suggests look great on male toons. Aurora Robe is pretty simple, too, if you like white.

Silver-Thread robe if you like black, paired with Sentry's Cape (a very nice silver robe) looks great, too.

Silver-thread robe lacks sleeves on males, so you can put a shirt under it. Go with tuxedo shirt for a sophisticated look ;)
Something with legs and a tunic. It's hard to make a man look good in a dress.
I went with a ninja-hobo look
I look like peter pan :3....kinda...
I love the Benevolence Cowl and the other chest armor that drops in Black Temple.

It works well for male and female.
Mine looks good on both male/fem and ist just a cookie cutter tier set.
I know, it's a harsh dilemma. Men wear pants, but priests generally get to go pantsless without anyone noticing.
I'm pretty happy with my new set.

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