I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I couldn't agree more. While of course I find LFR to be very (almost TOO) easy, and I wish I could experience content on a more advanced difficulty, it's just not possible for me to do so without major changes. Those changes involve me changing guilds (I love my friends but they're all so casual), changing realms, (Andorhal is SO dead and I have ten 85's there...) and forcing myself to adhere to a raid schedule while RL obligations eat away at it.

Kudos for LFR blizzard, my annual pass subscription was not a terrible mistake after all.

Although flying around on a jellyfish-winged mount is a bit... meh, I'll leave that alone :)
NICE!! my ilvl isn't quite high enough to use LFR. But, when it is, I will certainly check it out!
A lot of posts in this thread make me happy. It warms the heart to hear that players are having a good time experiencing the final raid of Cataclysm and putting the "death" in Deathwing. Raid Finder was specifically designed to make raid content more accessible. We do, after all, put a hell of a lot of work into designing that content. To that end, if we need to take more time with each raid to develop a Raid Finder version so that a vastly larger percentage of our playerbase can take part, then it's well worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Tweak, and everyone else who jumped in with constructive comments as well. :)
Great post =)
My wife and I are new to WOW and really want to try Raiding as Its one of the most exciting features WOW has to offer.
However we have had some bad experiences with guild drama in other MMO's (Yup most of us MMO fans are pretty familiar with guild drama!!)
When i read the LFR tool was being released i couldn't have been happier and now reading your post im really PUMPED to hit 85 and do the Cataclysm raid content available before the Pandara expansion comes out.
Definitely enjoy it. Every player should be able to witness the end of the expansion.

To some of the raiders responding in this thread - stop saying how easy it is or welfare epics, a lot of people don't care about the gear.
Kudos to Zarhym. I just have one request.

Could you guys please make large raids again? By large i mean Karazhan/Ulduar/Icecrown sized, so people don't get all burny-burned out after the first 3 weeks or so.

I noticed that happening with Firelands and guilds just not playing after awhile.

Praise for gating the LFR though. it was cool that we got to do dragon soul in 2 parts instead of having to commit all the time to one. (like a regular guild would before they got "on farm")
I am not normally a PVE player, but I have had fun dabbling in the raid finder as well. I even managed to pick up a new 2h sword that spawns tentacles that damage and slow my enemies! FINALLY ret pallys have a slow! (kinda!) <3
If you have PVP related questions I will do my best to answer them
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Totally agree. I was really excited by Firelands content, but real-life circumstances prevented me from joining an actual raiding guild, and all I ever got to experience was endless trash runs. It felt great to actually fight raid bosses and kill Deathwing, even if it was on a significantly reduced difficulty; I only hope that rising ilevels means it won't be too difficult to get more pick-up groups to revisit Firelands.
12/07/2011 04:40 PMPosted by Bamos
NICE!! my ilvl isn't quite high enough to use LFR.

Speaking of which, how many of the people who say it's too easy are tricked out in H-Rag drops and 50 or so ilevels above what LFR was tuned for? Maybe that has something to do with why you find it too easy? After all, this is still World of Gearcraft: if your gear is too bad, you fail regardless of skill, and if your gear is too good, you win regardless of skill.

LFR is designed for people who didn't do (non-LFR) raids in the previous patch (and presumably will continue to be designed that way). If that doesn't describe you, then you probably overgear it from the day it's released.

...As you can see, my ilvl isn't NEARLY high enough to use LFR. Yet. But after seeing this thread, I'm looking forward to it in a way I never thought I would look forward to raids in this game.

P.S. People that have done LFR, is it hard to get into tank slots? With only 2 slots out of a 25 man raid, I'm kind of afraid that people who want to tank will be forced into other roles just to get in.
I have to agree, 4.3 is hands down the best thing to happen to WoW since Cata hit. I give the Dev's an A+ for this patch. (I won't spoil the post with what I would have graded Cata before this patch).
I agree with the original poster. It feels very nice to be in content while it's current. I'm getting gear and seeing bad guys die--feels good. This system gives us a lot of freedom. Raiding, with no strings attached? Yes please. Thank you, Blizzard!
I work from 5:30PM to 6:30AM. UPS works me hardcore. I do not have time to raid. With the LFR tool, I am able to raid on my own time and surprisingly enough, I've not yet had one terrible experience with it or the people I am put with.

I. Love. It.
I love the LFR system.

I can raid on my main, and unlike previous tiers I can raid on alts for a change of pace as well as see fights from different perspectives. That I really like.

My alts can finally get gear.
OP, your post gives me hope that while I work odd hours most times that I may yet face Deathwing, and sooner rather than later.
I cannot agree with the OP more. Up until this last patch and the inclusion of the LFR tool, I have never, ever, downed the final boss of an expansion before it was outdated. I dont have to worry about being yelled at in Vent anymore or silly guild arguments. For the little bit of raiding i want to do, this is perfect. Thankyou Blizz, for making more of the content availible to more of your players.
Killing the "final boss" of the expansion 1 week after he comes out with a bunch of unorganized randoms. Killing heroics that are easier than some previous non-heroics. This isn't really satisfying, and all it means is that you have ~6-8 months of waiting before any new content comes out. If you aren't interested in actually doing something difficult, then perhaps you'll be happy, but Raid Finder is certainly not sufficient enough for me.

That said, I love Raid Finder. I mostly love that I can queue and do a raid, and for now, I love that the queue time is short. I expect down the line, the queue time could be as long as an hour. I really wish it were possible to raid whenever I wanted, but using a tool like Raid Finder, I would constantly be in groups where scrubs make it impossible to do anything marginally difficult.

One thing I wish is that I could valor cap purely by raid finder if I wished to. When I've reached the point where heroics offer me no loot, it might be fun to simply run Dragon Soul 4 times to cap. ATM this is not possible, but it would be cool to see something like this implemented.

It would also be cool if they implemented raid finder for higher difficulties. It may be "too much to ask" players to do difficult raids in random groups, but some people like myself would be willing to endure the pain of such groups. I enjoy being able to raid at any time instead of only on the 2 days my guild raids, and I'd be willing to wipe many times just to have a chance at getting loot that actually mattered. Honestly I hate lockouts and that's the main reason I like raid finder. Even if I can only get loot from the bosses once per week, at least I'm 1 step closer to being able to run them as much as I want. Eventually I'll have 5+ 85s capable of raiding dragon soul, and then maybe I can enjoy pugging it several times a week, but finding pugs is very hit or miss compared to raid finder.
When WoW was first released all I wanted to do was see the world after WCIII. I got the game in January of '06 and that was what I got during my time as a noob. I played terribly, ran everywhere (to save money!), had weird crafting skills on toons, and many other mistakes that new players, especially MMO-virgins, do.

I ended up playing this toon, formerly Aceena, while all my friends were hardcore raiding on Horde. I always thought I'd level to 60 then just play another toon and do it again. I met people, made friends and began raiding. I spent most of the first year of BC up till 4 or 5am running heroics and raids.

The long and short is I agree with this post, for myself it was a game that continued everything I loved from Blizzard. Do I agree with everything they have done? Absolutely not. Have I tried to quit because that mystique and adventure is gone? Yes.

I'm not an elitist, I'm not hardcore, I do believe that if you raid you raid to win and should use common sense and situational awareness, and I think if I ever manage to get the gear the LFR will be exactly what I'm looking for to experience the game now. My life is no longer that of an 18 year old college student with time and money to waste. I'm a father, a worker, a husband, and multitude of other roles we as adults take.

Great post and lots of good responses.

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