I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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nice! great post. and ty blizz.
This thread inspired me to raid finder and I just cleared two bosses after a 10 minute wait with no pug drama. Thanks. <3
A lot of posts in this thread make me happy. It warms the heart to hear that players are having a good time experiencing the final raid of Cataclysm and putting the "death" in Deathwing. Raid Finder was specifically designed to make raid content more accessible. We do, after all, put a hell of a lot of work into designing that content. To that end, if we need to take more time with each raid to develop a Raid Finder version so that a vastly larger percentage of our playerbase can take part, then it's well worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Tweak, and everyone else who jumped in with constructive comments as well. :)

It's unfortunate that it took so long and a large loss of subscriptions for your developement team to change its design philosophy. I hope that you've learnt a lot from this.
Dear Sumaki, QQ more. Casual doesn't mean bad, get over your elitist self and don't run them if you don't like them. It's that simple. We all get it, we aren't as good as you /bow............./sarcasm.
Such a good post, and I completely agree that they have finally opened up the end game content to players who just want to see it because they are interested. I really was getting tired of being left out of raiding because I just don't enjoy being that hardcore. Really enjoying what the game has to offer right now all though it can still be really repetative it's more accessible than it has ever been.
I thought Blizzard had a policy of not adding anything new and fun to the game?
I still am shocked that people love to race in race out, not talk to anyone, smack a pinata with a stick and get loot.
I don't feel as the OP. For me raiding is only fun in a group of people I get to know well, in a guild. Only achievements through teamwork make me happy. I'm glad we still have this kind of thing possible in WoW.
oh yeah this stuff is friggin awesome, I love LFR I just got 2 pieces today from 2 diff bosses!!!! I love this game again! I was on the edge of quitting! but oh man did you guys drop a MOAB on me or what! this game has become awesome again, so much so, I signed up for the 1 year contract :)
12/07/2011 05:29 PMPosted by Lyavin
I still am shocked that people love to race in race out, not talk to anyone, smack a pinata with a stick and get loot.

Oh yeah, that too. Pugs are mostly silent gray mass. Sometimes it's good that they are silent, but at other times I feel like playing with a bunch of AI machines.
I'm so confused by the people who are saying "you cleared it in one week, now you have nothing to do, grats."

Really? Did you shut your brain off before posting or are lapses of logic like that just kind of common? If they didn't add the raid finder, they wouldn't have even stepped foot into the raid (or they may have, but not cared enough to put in months and months for agonizing progression) and in turn, had nothing to do to begin with.

The addition of the raid finder might mean THEY clear it in a week, but that's 1 more thing they have to do that they didn't have before.

Please...think before posting.

And Sumaki...no heroic progression at all and (judging by your FL kills, looks like you were carried...5 first kills at once?) Firelands was cleared by you last month on normal. You don't exactly have the merit of anyone who should be making comments about the game catering to casuals or not.

Finally, with that out of the way, glad to hear you're enjoying it. I've had a blast too - and I try to step up and lead when there's no sense of direction. Was in a raid earlier that was like a revolving door on Blackhorn; 10 would leave, 10 would come in and have no idea what to do. We finally had a group of people who were willing to kick people who kept intentionally starting the fight and screwing it up, and were willing to listen. We mopped up the rest of the raid within the hour after throwing some specifics out there, and I ended up with 3 pieces of loot as the only Holy Paladin. Hooray!

It's an absolute blast for my alts and to fill in missing pieces for my offspecs, given that I raid 10 man regularly and drops are inconsistent at best. It's a fantastic addition and I can't wait to see what they have in the future for it.
Love this post! C:
Great post by the OP. Blizz please take note of how many people want Raid Finder access for older raids that they still haven't seen. We don't need a 3rd tier of difficulty for those raids, just a quick way to find 5 to 10 people for content we outgear, but still want to see. Thanks.
My guild changed it's raiding schedule so I am unable to make the normal raids consistently. As such, I try to use LFR every chance I get. I like it so much that I've used it a few times in the first week even though I knew I wouldn't be able to roll on any of the loot after the first attempt of the week. :)

The 25 man aspect of it is what keeps me coming back. More players = more epic feel to the fight. It's also nice to know that the whole raid won't wipe if you get a DC or two (unlike 10 man's, one DC = OMGWTFBBQ wipe it up, do it again, fix your connection. blah blah blah).

Thank you for this feature, blizz!!!!
ive had terrible experiences on LFR, i spent 5 mins explaining the spine of death wing fight. asked if anyone had questions. no replies, we dive in kill the first 3 corruptions, 4-5 ppl DPSED the last one refused to stack on one side to turn the boss, i gave it about 5 attempts before i said screw it. Personally i like the LFR because it allowed me to gear my alts faster, considering normal mode DS is ez as pie i don't understand why some people are content with mediocre encounters that require no raid awareness. i guess everyone is different. im sure as the content is out longer people will understand the mechanics of each fight better and it might go more smooth. but my reasoning for why i think LFR promotes bad players is they think, oh geez this was easy (ya because u got carried by 15 other ppl who knew what they were suppose to do) and continue to do the things that are incorrect and that they believe to be the right way of doing things. personally i think that its basically giving out free rides to people otherwise incapable of getting 10 people together to knock down a easy encounter.

IMO doing normal modes as oppose to RF is a lot more rewarding, in loot and sense of accomplishment.
Blizzard, Thank You.
so well put and so well thought out

I almost cried because I Feel the same way well... I almost killed him but at least I got to see the fight before it got outdated


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