I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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If it's intended for those that are simply time constrained then why did blizzard make it leaps and bounds easier??

I'm sure you're all nice ppl. I am just really frustrated at the slow downward spiral of this game since vanilla. I love the game. It's just REALLY changed from 7 years ago and it's because it caters to the people that DIDN'T make it a successful game... and making a "25m RAID" this easy just erks me. It's just as easy as a cata reg dg.

Yes, it has really changed. Seriously, man. Look at mechanics from vanilla bosses versus mechanics today. If you threw in today's bosses 7 years ago, people would have quit. WoW gamers weren't as "developed" game-wise as they are today. Even the normal modes of today's bosses are leaps and bounds more difficult than what...Twin Emps? c'mon man.
I love the LFR. I got to see the last boss and killed him to see the final cinematic.

As of right now, I still haven't killed LK because even at level 85 some people are still too dumb to jump to and away from the outer edge. No matter what level you are you can't escape falling deaths.
I hope the success of LFR will eventually open up LFR for Normal difficulty. Maybe they could release Normal after a month or two after the easy mode so players used to easy LFR will then have better chances at surviving Normal LFR. I am hoping for this.

As the OP said, now ANY gamer (elite or casual) can do raids on their own terms with LFR. If they had normal difficulty I see only positive things.

Leave heroices for grouping, it's more special that way. I don't think Heroics should have a LFR, but I wouldn't complain if it did.

You know... I can see this happening. Make it to where the ilvl is lets say... 385 required, (Just pulling numbers out my booty) and that you must have the <Fall of Deathwing> achievement. I think this could work. But I also see horrible, horrible, horrible groups in the making. Such as the one that I was in that couldn't down Warmaster Blackhorn...

I just wanna say Ive done my fair share of 'hardcore' raiding and honestly this IS better. The ability to try and down a boss during a halftime of a football game is SO much better than wasting 6 hours a night for 7 nights straight just to have someone else come in after nerfs and one shot it.....this is what burned so many players out before. I'm sure flames will sprout under my feet for saying it....but WoW is about a lot more than countless wipes on content just for 'bragging rights' or sponsorships. When WoW becomes a job (see Paragon/Ensidia/etc), life becomes a chore. Thanx for bringing fun back.
My guild is a great guild, but I can never make the raids. My nights are more about looking after my son, trying to give my wife a break from her day. I don't usually sit down to play before 10pm, well after the guild starts raiding.

I feel like I've missed out on some great moments in the game - I never finished Ulduar, didn't see ICC except for that one weekly quest, never killed Malygos (got close once), and haven't touched any raids in Cataclysm. My home life is far more important than any game could ever be, but I would love to be able to go and do those things, really see the best the game has to offer.

LFR is a godsend for me. I'm gearing up my main for it now, and am only a few points below the 372 mark (although I've got 374 in bags, 367 equipped... curse that tanking gear!). I hope to be able to try it out this weekend.

Thanks Blizzard, 4.3 is the best patch in Cataclysm.
Today I cancelled my account as I felt that this patch was more of the same and I was getting bored.

That being said, I haven't tried the LFR tool and after reading the OP's post and some of the good feedback, I feel this might be just what I was looking for.

*boots up WoW*

Today I cancelled my account as I felt that this patch was more of the same and I was getting bored.

That being said, I haven't tried the LFR tool and after reading the OP's post and some of the good feedback, I feel this might be just what I was looking for.

*boots up WoW*

Welcome back!... Hopefully.
I can't thank you enough for the LFR tool. I as well was able to come home after a long day at work last night and raid on my OWN time. Something that became a burden after my Wrath days. I used to have a set raid schedule and after my job changing I found it really hard to be on line the days my guild raided.

Yesterday I was able to look at my partner and say to him "I just beat the game!"

It was an amazing feeling. Even though I didn't get any gear or nifty title I know that just having this excitement around this raid will make all these LFR people start to do Normal modes and possibly even Heroics. And I know I can continue to go back on my own time and get all the gear I want. Plus, I can fill in the gaps in my 4 piece set with valor gear!

I think this is fantastic. Thank you for letting me beat an expansion a week after it came out. This is the happiest I have been since I played the game 1.5 years ago. I feel like I am the king of the world!

You did good Blizz! Thanks!
12/07/2011 05:40 PMPosted by Cylise
i don't understand why some people are content with mediocre encounters that require no raid awareness
You definitely do not then.

Put yourself in my shoes. I am a skilled player and I really want to raid. Due to the community, I cannot. So WoW gets stale and depressing. Now, I can at least see raid content. Easy, hard, I don't care. i just ant to raid.

12/07/2011 05:40 PMPosted by Cylise
. but my reasoning for why i think LFR promotes bad players is they think, oh geez this was easy (ya because u got carried by 15 other ppl who knew what they were suppose to do) and continue to do the things that are incorrect and that they believe to be the right way of doing things
Not really. bad players are bad players. it has nothing to do with the LF.

If someone does the LFR and feels uber leet, then who cares? Let them. if they step into normal mode, then they will see a upgrade in challenge and be forced to get better. Same as normal to heroic. Do you see heroic raiders (pre-nerf) complaining about normal raiders feeling good about their skills? No.

If you want a challenge, go do normals and heroics. I don't get why people complain about easy mode being easy? That is retarded.
I also think the LFR (and 4.3 overall) is full of win.

While I personally feel that the LFR is too easy (clearing all 8 bosses in barely a week could lead to content becoming stale and is a bit fast IMO), I also understand the nature of randomly grouping people across realms and trying to make then function immediately at a team has it's limitations.

1) No Vent or similar ability to easily communicate
2) Anonymity and the ability to just drop if things are going rough
3) Numerous skill levels and the frustrations that occur when people who can do have to help those who can't

I've run the LFR on many of my alts and I can say that I've been more than pleasantly surprised at how laid back most people are and the only people getting kicked are those who go afk without notice or go offline for a few minutes.
I'm not enjoying it, since I feel it's a grind I have to do on top of my normal raiding.

I'm genuinely glad to see there's a real audience for it though, and that many people are enjoying it. I hope as time goes on, the community in the LFR gets better. The biggest problem right now is people clicking Leader when they don't really want to lead. :\ Any of us can fix that by learning to lead them better though, and they'll be a lot more fun.
Thank you Blizz for adding this feature. It is literally the best thing to happen to this game in years. Please add more raids to it :). or even tune up older raids.
I kind of do serious raiding. I'm in a pretty well established and ranked guild, but I feel the same as alot of these people about gear being a means to an end. That end being the cut scenes, the fights, the lore etc. I absolutely loved the Lich King fight. It could have been the worst fight Blizz put out, but because he was the same guy I played as in WC:III and WC: III Frozen Throne, I would have loved it just as much. Killing someone who, in game, is making your life harder as well as the whole world around you, kind of means something more to people who were with this story since WC:1. I don't use the LFR tool often, save for alts, but I do understand where the OP, and alot of people come from with liking it so much. And I don't casually raid.
12/07/2011 05:40 PMPosted by Cylise
IMO doing normal modes as oppose to RF is a lot more rewarding, in loot and sense of accomplishment.

Ok, that was a bit long, kinda skimmed through it, but yes, it's supposed to have that feeling. Do you think those of us who down Maddness on our alts are going to have the same feeling of accomplishment as those of us who down Maddness on heroic with our mains? Of course not! It's not to make non-raiders feel like they're the !@#$. Yet I'm happy if it does. It's there for those who cannot join raiding guilds to experience the amazing-ness of the content.

Thank you for your worries, and opinions, but alas, not everyone thinks the same. :)

EDIT: Looking at my closing statement, sorry if I come off shrewd. I'm not trying to of course, but, I'm not changing it, I think those are the words needed to be said.
Raid Finder allows me to get my alts in on the game this time.

I've always been raiding, but now I get my alts too into a raid and get some gear and see the end of Deathwing.
We did our first guild (and friends) 25 man raid in a very long time last week when we did the first half of Dragon Soul.

We used to run 25's weekly back in Wrath and decided as a guild that in Cata we would just stick to 10's as the number of ten man groups in my guild never wanted their lockouts affected by the 25 man.

Our guild had a blast and once again as like in Wrath, we had a number wanting to join our guild after as they liked the raid style of our guild.

It is so nice to be able to get many guildies back together again, as the several 10's split everyone up, and up till now we never had any current content to run together in a larger group.

So yes, thanks Blizz =)
Thank you blizzard. I have raided and played all through wrath and this expansion, and this patch made Cataclysm Such a great expansion. I didn't have the time I did in wrath to raid 10 hours a week, and LFR will sur make this better for me! I'm loving transmorg. Simply Put, Tier 10 Pally gear is sexy. And even though I haven't reached the iLvl min for LFR, Im sure Ill be able to see all the content so easily. Thank you for reaching out to us without jeopordizing the elitists of the game. I have less than 2 hours to play every day so this is so helpful. I will be definitley be in line at 7PM the night before release at bestbuy to buy the Collectors edition of MoP ^^.

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