I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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its raiding get over it already lfr is the future!
Good job Blizz.
Hmm just tried the second half of LFR and I would say that it is not too easy. We wiped on Ultraxion and the jerks kicked one of our best players so we all left too, nine of us out in about 5 seconds. The first half is very easy, the second part, not so much.
I am finally able to kill DW so we're even now, cos he killed me while I was questing in Western Plaguelands. I am loving the LFR tool.
I got into the LFR tonight and was pleasantly surprised. Sure there were a few knuckle heads, among them me who had never done the encounters before, and I was winging it as healers usually do. But it was fun if obviously dumbed down a bit. I got a nice piece of gear and got to kill DW. I can't say that it was as rewarding as killing LK with my old guild mates but I'm certainly happy to see the end of expansion content which I did not expect to without the LFR. I plan to down Deathwing and his pals again next week.
Loving lfr... Ty blizzard
I'm trying the LFR for the first time this Friday evening. With all the positive feedback I've read, I'm really quite excited.
12/15/2011 06:58 PMPosted by Easton
Good job Blizz.
Oh sure LFR is technically "raiding", but it's been trivialized to the point where people can cycle in and out of the raid DURING BOSS ENCOUNTERS. It's chaotic and full of irresponsibility. I wouldn't call it fun; there is hardly any chatter in raid chat and you have no idea who the people around you are.

WoW is a social game, it's an MMO. Now you can queue up for LFR and never have to talk, strategize, or help anyone in order to collect epics.

I can only hope that Blizzard keeps WoW as it is now. That way their new MMO can appeal to the higher calibre players that want a challenging grindfest that forces you to learn about social dynamics in order to succeed.

A.K.A nerds

More like players who care about the fundamentals of what makes an MMORPG. I really don't like the direction WoW is heading right now. The LFR and LFD tools trivialized all of the social aspects of WoW. These social aspects are the reason why WoW is on top of the MMO world, not because it was dumbed down.
I am with the OP on this. I am a fairly hardcore raider. However, I have a ton of level 85 alts that I really enjoy playing, but am rarely able to find reliable raids for each week. This is an amazing feature that allows me to gear up alts and actually play them without having to spend a ton of time doing it.

I had my doubts before LFR went live, because no offense but Blizzard is known for screwing up even the most simple things (give them a wheel and sometimes I swear they could mess it up). But I have to say, I am very impressed with how LFR turned out. They made it easy enough so that the casual or new raider is able to pick it up, and it really minimizes any wiping. This makes it very enjoyable to participate in on multiple characters.
12/15/2011 07:55 PMPosted by Lysantia
I am finally able to kill DW so we're even now, cos he killed me while I was questing in Western Plaguelands. I am loving the LFR tool.

I, Cutanaga of Kul'Tiras, proclaim that Tweak is the most successful troll in the history of World of Warcraft!

12/16/2011 01:56 AMPosted by Ezhealz
When is thread gonna die, im getting rather sick of it
When people stop posting in it.

Yourself included.

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