I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I love LFR, not only have I killed Deathwing and experienced the amazing work Blizz has done on Dragon Soul, but I've done it twice! I can't get enough of the cutscenes, the 25m atmosphere, everything.

Although, loot's not important, but it's still frustrating when, on my hunter Deathwing drops 3 of the 2h sword in one kill >.> I'd like to see limits of 1 of each item per kill.
yeah im just like you dont really like having to wait look till a raid forms it took ages for people to come in and what not
I agree, OP. I feel the same way. I can actually experience what's inside on those raids without all the annoying guild/core stuff. Not to mention, the patch was awesome.

12/07/2011 03:54 AMPosted by Tweak
My only complaint is that it wasn't backward compatible to the old Cataclysm raids... which I still have yet to see. A slight dissapointment... but oh well. Guess I'll have to see these later... once I've outleveled the content, just as I did so many others in the past.

Look I'm not complaining about the tool itself, it's just that doesn't make any sense to add a tool exactly like LFD for the same reasons and same objectives and not create, at least, an option similar to the "Random Cataclysm Heroic". The Other raids should be cross-server and work like the specific dungeons. I didn't understand this...

I loved this tool. But why? WHY?! Why must you do something nonsense every patch, blizz? Whyyyyyyyy?! /cries
I approve this thread.

12/07/2011 06:38 PMPosted by Zarhym
This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care. :)

I... I think I love you.
cant wait to finish my exam and try this >.<
its fun i admit plus also it lets us raiders go in and see the boos fight a little before we do it on our own with our guild. Only sad part is while no strings attached it still sucks losing every single roll. So far im 0-11 lol most were teir and items go me and my bad rolls.
To OP,

I completely share your feelings. I also want to give a shout-out to Blizzard, thank you for such a wonderful patch. I cannot express how much fun I am having with all these different features; even the ones that have nothing to do with combat. Check out my robe-less Battle-Mage get-up! :D
i really enjoy raid finder too and with they would expand it to more than just DS maybe in the future since the raids will already be tuned for it they can stay
If its this bad in cata..OMG how bad is it going to be in panda land? Epix dropping from every quest mob?!?
it's called a "World drop" and it has been happening for a while.
I haven't raided since ICC - mainly because it was hard to find people to run with who could adjust to my times.

By the time I was able to grind together enough gear to meaningfully contribute, the next tier was out. This happened with the original raids as well as Firelands...

Even when outgearing prior content and only being interested in seeing what the fuss was all about - I couldn't get into any of the outdated content runs due to not having the achievement... the one time I used achievement faker - I was promptly kicked for not doing 20k+ DPS. We are talking BoT here - about 2 weeks back.

Even with LFR - I chose to avoid the whole PvE scene as I find it filled with the worst sort of people in general - obviously there are a few decent folk out there who are willing to at least tell you that they intend to kick you before they do it - but the majority abuse you and then kick.

THIS thread popped up on MMO-Champ and I figured I'd give it a read - the OP's comments made me want to give this a shot before writing it off... I just completed one of the raids... even won a roll in the current tier of raiding... which is something that has not happened for me in the 3+ years I have been playing WoW.

I know the gear is a few iLevels lower than the regular and heroic versions of the raid. I don't care. As a matter of fact - I don't even care if Blizz decides tomorrow to remove all the LFR gear completely - letting LFR bossed drop just JP instead of VP - I'd live with that too.

I want to congratulate Blizz for letting me into the raid. For letting me face the bosses (watered down / dumbed down / whatever - idc) in THIS expansion without elitists calling me an idiot or whatever simply because I dont raid regularly.

The only thing that I really wanted was to see the bosses - not even down them - now you have made it possible for me and many others like me to experience content that we were simply excluded from due to whatever reasons.

Thank you and congratulations on a bold move that is bound to draw criticism from those 2% sitting in 410+ iLevel gear who feel that me and my kind should not be allowed even the watered down versions of what they are wearing because somehow our existence makes their gear less special.
I think LFR was a bigger success than I thought it was going to be, I plan on doing it every week. I use it to learn the fights so when I do get to raid with my guild I'm not a burden on them, and perhaps make some decent gear along the way.

Having said that I do have some suggestions.

I really wish that Blizzard would use the LFR for all difficulties of raids. Having a pug group for a normal or heroic raid would probably be disastrous in a lot of ways but I'm sure a smart group of people could do it. Not everyone can commit to a strict guild raiding schedule and no offense but the LFR bosses are kinda easy. I understand wanting to make it pug friendly but It'd be really nice to have it as an option.

I hope to see older raids in the LFR options, not easy mode raids but the same raids you go into as you would pugging it out for hours in trade. They don't need to be shortened or made easier, we're all way above the gear requirement for those raids. I want to do ICC and Ulduar for two reasons, to see the content that I wasn't around for and also to earn achievements towards those awesome mounts, which is still no easy task. I'm about 3 achievements away from ICC 10 and like 2 for Ulduar 25. Thing is it's so hard to get a group together in trade because not a lot of people seem interested. The raid finder could help with this a lot.

I'd also like to see an option for what boss you want to go into the raid as. I spent about twenty minutes going through ques looking for a fresh run, good thing DPS ques are pretty instant.

And, one last thing.
LFR is a troll's wonderland. I'd like to see it so only the raid leader can start fights. I sent a ticket in reporting about five people for trolling and starting fights when no one was ready and we didn't even have a full group. I understand the raid leader could still troll but it'd make it easier to pinpoint who's doing it and probably ease the amount of tickets GM's are getting.

I think that's it. :D
I only started playing shortly before Cata, but I'd have to say that LFR is absolutely phenomenal. Why?

After spending eleven months building up, single-handedly battling Deathwing's proxies all over the world, I personally struggled through and kicked his tail.

Yes, previous bosses have been killed but it's different when it's someone else. The story I remember from my leveling to 85 is that Ragnaros was attacking Mount Hyjal, and I saved the Aspects, I stood with Cenarius and I held him off. The fact that some other guys on my server killed Rag is nice and all, but if I haven't done it myself, it's hard to really consider it part of the story when I've never actually spent any time with these mysterious "7/7 FL" raiders.
I think it is ridiculous that many people downed Deathwing in LFR before GUILDS managed to do it in normal. No, this was not the case for my guild personally, but there were many guilds on my server that had not downed Deathwing in normal during the first week.

If they were unable to clear 8/8 NM in week one, maybe they should focus more on the exact tool being discussed in this thread, first. *wink nudge*
Although I will never raid again period, nothing wrong with game just me burnt out from years of it, I just level these alts and have fun BUT I am glad to see the reactions people are giving multi difficulty content. Good to see folks having fun.
Thank you for your positive post! I feel the EXACT same way. I play for the story, to immersed in a world of adventure. I love to read the novels and short stories, and crazy as it sounds, I actually READ the quest dialogue because the WORLD of warcraft is what interests me, not the gear and loot. I have not completed a single "end-game" raid with any of my toons - ever. I have dabbled in a few vanilla raids with my low-level guild (i.e. a group of friends that enjoys the FUN of WoW as much as I do, but has a real life that takes first priority) I can't wait to check out the new LFR with my friends in the near future!
Complements too on the RF, last night I just beat DW and that is only because of RF, previously I do not have the time, inclination nor patience to deal with raiding guild drama in order to see DW. With RF not only can i see DW but after many wipes and eventual organization we were able to down him. Never would have been possible without RW.

However and I assume you will be working on this come MOP, LFR loot system needs more tweaking. Agility users-hunters, rogues etc... should not be able to roll on str. gear or given a lesser "role bonus" than str users. Similarly str. users should not be able to roll on agility gear, polearm, bow etc... Nothing breaks a hunter's heart more than to see DW bow go to Mr. War....

In any case LFR is great, I do hope it will continue in future incarnations of WoW to come, just please tweak, fix the LFR loot system-spec is a good start but it needs more

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