I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I would love to use the LRF tool but I must be below average as my ilvl is still only 365 and too low lvl to use that tool ... can't get higher lvl head and shoulder as it requires raiding tokens or huge amounts of gold on the AH.
Z and manys others in this thread are making me smile.

Thank you all for being realistic and finally showing that the elitists who pushed the whole idea of Cata down all of our throats were in fact wrong.

The last two patches have been a god send away from that pile 4.0 was. Bravo on moving the game in the right direction Bliz.
I really have to give Blizzard credit for 4.3

I have always thought the LFD/LFG was one of their foremost innovations, which had a huge return in terms of more to do, see and enjoy for the players. While some have criticized the boot/kick terms and conditions, and others most everything about it, the great majority favor it.

And the few bad apples do not overcome its good.

I have done all of DS on LFR/Raid Finder, and I think it is great. You get to see it all and defeat it all. There are now 3 levels of a raid, rather then two, and remember we once only had one.

There are 3 levels of difficulty and reward, which means the achievers and skilled, etc., can still stand out, and I 100% support that.

I do not understand any real claim that this is not for the best, the better good, still preserves the best for the best, yet provides for all, and solves many problems with the end game.

I really think Blizzard totally misread the true majority of sentiment on these forums for the start of CATA. I also think Blizzard ignores posts from players like me who dare to be critical, and I still think being critical costs you in terms of things like beta invites. But there is an awful lot of stuff to be happy about amd to credit Blizzard with in 4.3

As for raiders, this provides you a chance to also get in there, see everything, learn the basics of the new encounters, and be better prepared for the more difficult versions.

Great job Blizzard. I try to give you credit when you deserve it just like the criticism, and I give you tons of credit for the changes I see so far in 4.3

Now finally you are again more in tune with the majority of your customer, rather than the select few.

4.3 was a great turnaround, and I expect will prove to have been one time at least Blizzard did almost a 180 for the greater good.
I'm assuming you mean number of bosses and not space, since Firelands was wide open. :)

We definitely don't want to stick to any formulas when it comes how many bosses are in each raid tier or expansion. You might see raids on the scale of Kara, Ulduar, ICC, Naxx, etc. in the future. It's just a matter of what feels right for each tier. Having three separate difficulties, however, does require much more development time for each raid.

I would like to see raids done like at the launch of cata, with 2 or 3 smaller raids.
I've done my time in a hardcore guild, and 4 times before I've managed to get a kill on the final boss of the then current content. I've been a raid leader, a GM, a tank, a dps and a healer. I know a lot about game mechanics. I am a raider.

But that was when I was more free, just starting my first job, fresh out of university. I had time and I could commit.

RL takes over, I couldn't spend all those hours in front of a computer anymore. I wished I could get back into raiding, and every time I applied to a decent guild and was accepted, I found myself not being able to keep the commitment.

LFR has finally allowed me to get back into raiding, on my own time, without rushing my dinner to get the content down. The prestige no longer matters to me, but I am a raider at heart, and I finally get to raid again. Thank you Blizzard.
i am also grateful for the LFR since my guild 3 core group are all full and pugs on my server are ran by elitist on their alts . I was so happy o get 3 pieces of t13 , even if my friends say it doesnt count since it's , according to them, the ''!@#$'' version , for me it is more than enough :)

Thank You Blizzard <3
Op I 100% agree with you on everything you said.
This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care. :)

Some people, like Vindicare, get it:

OMG, thanks for getting it!
12/08/2011 04:57 AMPosted by Severussnape
I would love to use the LRF tool but I must be below average as my ilvl is still only 365 and too low lvl to use that tool ... can't get higher lvl head and shoulder as it requires raiding tokens or huge amounts of gold on the AH.

Run the new 5mans. You just need gear from them to queue for lfr. No ah or raiding tokens needed. I'm at 374 and the only raiding i've done this expac is with lfr.
While I haven't been able to get into the LFR tool yet (just two more points in my iLvl!) it's great that there's a feature that will let me progressively further into raiding normals and maybe heroics. The content step from heroic randoms to normal raids was large and could only be obtained by plugging away several hours to get that last trinket from the boss that seems to never drop it when you run the instance.

Now it's another step on the staircase that leads up to the elite where average players can now reach if they wanted to!

If the community believes Blizzard has dropped the ball once or twice on particular topics, then this is a successful full court shot at the buzzer that wins the game.

Keep on making magic happen, Blizzard!
Unless you're a warrior. Then that's fine too. :D
12/07/2011 05:34 AMPosted by Sumaki


Well too me is sounds like you are. It may be your opinion, but if your opinion includes insulting people. Please keep it to yourself.

You may not think 'Sounds like you guys should be playing single player games' is an insult, but other people might.

Cant appease everyone verbally. I've pasted an edit from previous post;

I'm sure you're all nice ppl. I am just really frustrated at the slow downward spiral of this game since vanilla. I love the game. It's just REALLY changed from 7 years ago and it's because it caters to the people that DIDN'T make it a successful game... and making a "25m RAID" this easy just erks me. It's just as easy as a cata reg dg just with more people. Denying that is lying to yourself.

t causes no destruction to the game you pompus elitist. You have to have experience to be good at a game, to be good at anything. Unless you are just one of those ppl born to be great, and I surly doubt you are one of those. LFR is for people that don't live with a computer shoved up their !@# as I am sure you do. It's for people that have have jobs, kids, a LIFE. It's for casual people. Blizzard isn't making the whole game ez mode, they are just making the WHOLE game available for EVERYONE. If you are a "hardcore" raider, you have that, and now if you are a casual player you have that too. Welcome to a game where EVERYONE can experience every bit of the game. It's such a horrible thing to pay to pay a game and not be able to experience the end of it. Last time I checked your 15 bones is the same as any others 15 bones. I'm done.
12/08/2011 01:06 AMPosted by Aranyszin
So, this is where we've come? We're now catering to the casuals so fiercely that it's the dedicated raiders who carried World of Warcraft through 3 expansions are now the ones on the receiving end of the developers' mocking? Oh how times have changed.

This is as far as I read in your post and it made me laugh my !@# off. No it is not the hard core raiders that carried the game through 3 xpacs. It is the casuals like myself.

I have had an unbroken subscription since jan 05 and just raided for the first time yesterday. It's the hardcore raiders who plow through the raids in a patch then cancel their subscriptions for six months untill the next patch comes out. The Hardcores are such a small percentage of this game it doesn't even make Blizz blink when they quit the game for months on end.
I just hope quality isn't sacrificed to make training-wheels mode.

Mary and her grandson need epix and super-duper achievements like everybody else - I get it. But it saddens me to seriously feel like we'll never see Ulduars or ICC's in WoW's floundering lifetime again, with the added dev time needed for LFR.
I approve of the OP's message
I have to +1 this post as well, took down DW the night it went live with LFR and was absolutely ecstatic!

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