I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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all the positive posts in here sum up my feelings also. LFR is the best thing to happen in this game in recent memory.
12/07/2011 04:56 PMPosted by Turin
To some of the raiders responding in this thread - stop saying how easy it is or welfare epics, a lot of people don't care about the gear.
Yet this game is gear driven and your character is not viable with out its gear...
This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care. :)

Thank you for this. :)
Great post!
I raid fairly consistent but not hardcore at all. I have gotten a few pieces of gear lately and had to decide whether it was really better for my spec or if it was just a simple ilvl jump. I let the ilvl get the best of me. I was expecting a dps boost from all the gear but it just didnt happen. I did not realize how little the gear had done for me until i was in the LFR and watched people with gear close to mine just blow me out of the water. I have always done well in my guild with my dps and i was amazed at just how bad others had made me look in the LFR. I like to be near the top and should have been close with the gear i had. It made me take a look at some of the gear i had recently put on as well as my rotation. LFR helped me find problems with both. I am sure both still have some problems but it feels much better to my style of play. Im sure i will see replies of people telling me how unimportant the dps meter is if blah blah blah . . . however, i do take pride in keeping up with most ppl in wow and i do take the other situations into account such as the standing in fire "ghost buff". Long story short, along with being able to just blow up a raid boss in the LFR that i just had to methodically kill in normal mode the LFR is a great tool.
OK,now that we can actually "raid" on our own time and have the time to do it now....

WTB more raiding content, firelands, Icecrown, what are ya doing here reading these posts?
we need MOAR.

And curse you Blizz for making me upgrade my 5 yr old comp (it's a great mach but in 25 mans the framerates suffer during heavy aoe and that is unacceptable!).

Until 4.3 i figured i had a good 2 yrs left on this mach.

Ah well, it's for a good cause. XD
LFR is pretty cool, I just wonder how long it will take people to become bored?

I mean, dont get me wrong its cool, its new but whats going to happen in a month from now?

Can you guys see yourself still doing it?

A lot of posts in this thread make me happy. It warms the heart to hear that players are having a good time experiencing the final raid of Cataclysm and putting the "death" in Deathwing. Raid Finder was specifically designed to make raid content more accessible. We do, after all, put a hell of a lot of work into designing that content. To that end, if we need to take more time with each raid to develop a Raid Finder version so that a vastly larger percentage of our playerbase can take part, then it's well worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Tweak, and everyone else who jumped in with constructive comments as well. :)

No worries, this is a great patch! Forums are mainly for people who like to complain, The majority of people who enjoy this patch are to busy playing to post on the forums! I'm at work so I can post all I want lol
Honestly, I didn't see too much vitriol or bad language in that post. You might see it as elitist, but that attitude is what drove this game for much of its history. To turn around and condemn it is just confusing to some.

No that attitude has not. There are many of us who have been playing this game for years. hell before this game came out and we don't have this attitude. I don't see what the issue is. So what people got to see DW dead in an easy mode version. Good for them. My guild and many others will see him dead in normal and in hard mode. Hell they don't even get anything for killing him except for an achievement. We get titles and other things they will never get in LFR.

Another reason I dislike LFR is that it borders on being anti-guild in an expansion that was supposed to revitalize and reinforce guilds, or at least that is what was said early in its development. LFR takes the need for a guild out of raiding which is what Blues have said was one of the primary reasons for having guilds: to have the resources to achieve larger accomplishments as a whole than what one could achieve on their own. LFR runs directly counter to that line of reasoning.

This expac almost destroyed my guild and many others. The things in place to keep people in a guild did not work. They got everything from a lvl25 guild and joined another or made their own.

Guilds are treating LFR like they treated ToC 10mans in WotLK: a place to force your players to go in order to gear up faster for real raiding. I think LFR should share a lockout with the other difficulties to avoid LFR being turned into a loot pinata for guilds. If having 4 lock outs in ToC was bad for the game I fail to see how LFR having a separate lock out from normal/heroic raids is not also bad for the game

No more lockouts for the love of brownies! The shared loot and lock out was a big mistake. Many guilds that were once 25 man guilds have broken up or are now 10 man.

It also took away things for people to do. A lot of people liked running both 10 and 25 in Wrath. I wish we had that option now with how short the raids are. They can be cleared in one night maybe 2.

I see no problem with having LFR. I merely think its current implementation is bad for the game. Tweaks could make it a worthwhile tool, but it shouldn't turn something like Deathwing into what feels like a 5man boss the same week his raid tier comes out.

DW didn't open up on LFR til this week. We had a week to get him down before it came out. Lots of guilds got him down. I think a week after launch was a good move. I don't think it would be fair to hold him back for a month or so.

To everyone else: Let people who do not have a guild or the time to commit to one have fun and see the content they have never seen before! There is nothing wrong with it and it doesn't take away from the raiders. We still get the titles, all of the achievements, mounts, the better gear etc...

Look at it this way. Maybe now that there's LFR, the normal content won't get nerfed to push people through. It's a win/win.
LFR is pretty cool, I just wonder how long it will take people to become bored?

I mean, dont get me wrong its cool, its new but whats going to happen in a month from now?

Can you guys see yourself still doing it?


Alts bro. Any spec can run these.

Oh you're Destro spec? sorry bro,afflic or gtfo. (not anymore)
Bring your alts guys, Blizz has made good on their "bring the player not the class" remark.

I was going to say something negative but I guess I will just say thank you blizzard, for not opening the second half of raid finder until the second week.
One thing that i find missing in LFR is the bonding groups have as they work towards progressing through the raid. Some of my best times playing were in a group doing ICC. We spent months grinding our way up. It wasnt even my guild, but they made me feel like a part of something. Good times.

Fast forward to Cata. Regardless of my attempts, i never could find that again. After a few weeks, all the Trade calls were for players that "knew the fights". I even quit my guild to join one that "needed me" for raids, only to find that like a lot of guilds, it catered to a core 10 or 25 and left everyone else to make their own raids. Mb i'd get a call if someone didnt show, but mostly it was back to square one. Wall flower healer hoping to dance.

Now with LFR I can get back into raids, but have been mixed with the lack of group dynamic. Sure I can get in and have some fun, but being called "retard" bc of a wipe isnt exactly making me feel like staying. Just saying, its great to run things we wouldnt have otherwise, but there's a piece missing when you cant count on a "we'll get em next time" attitude.
I feel dirty for wearing LFR loot, but I can see why it's a good thing for the vast majority of players. Good job, Blizz.

Just make sure you don't neglect one version over another - I wouldn't want my normals or heroics to not be challenging.

MoP should be interesting.
Have to agree with OP. LFR tool is awesome. Raiding was such a pain before and nearly impossible for me due to my schedule and such. This tool was very much needed and is much appreciated. I can finally see the content and gear up from them. Additionally, if I do find time to regular raids i will now know the mechanics and be better prepared, so I believe PuG raids will really appreciate this tool.

Request to blizzard - It would be awesome if the rest of cata raids were put into this format.
Hi, Jack.

I'm curious. What all would need to change in, for example, Icecrown Citadel before it's LFR-capable?

Not a whole lot I suppose as far as the raid mechanics go, but it's long enough we'd want to chop it in half because we expect the time investment in the Raid Finder to be much shorter than ICC in its entirety was. Chopping it in half isn't a small task.

We absolutely would love to go back and Raid Finder more raids, it's just finding the time, and ultimately weighing that time against creating new raids and making those Raid Finder compatible.

ICC should have been 4 instances in the first place. Kara, Ulduar, Naxx should have been 3-4 instances based on wings. Even if the instance is designed as one large complex just put in logical portal locations to segment the content into several raid lockouts.
This game has never been about the loot or the prestige for me. I've always just wanted to SEE the content.

Well said brother troll. Well said.

It's a game. Have fun.

I feel dirty for wearing LFR loot, but I can see why it's a good thing for the vast majority of players. Good job, Blizz.

Just make sure you don't neglect one version over another - I wouldn't want my normals or heroics to not be challenging.

This should (and hopefully will) be another benefit to the raid guys.
there won't be a need to nerf the normal and heroic content down for the casual playerbase now that we have our training mode they can keep hard modes hard and the QQ should be minimal.
Isnt that why there is normal and heroic version of the raid with better gear?

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