I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I like it. with my schedule I can raid once more. My most consistent raiding days were in early BC. It was great. But I was also unemployed at the time so I would job-hunt in the day and raid at night. Once I landed a job that all changed with the night shift.

I was seriously thinking of ditching this game for others since there was little end-game for me to experience. This game was like a stilted action movie without LFR. Imagine you're watching 'Star Wars', the original one. Now you get to the scene where the rebels are planning to attack the Death Star, fueling the X-wings, loading the driods, sitting through the attack briefing.... and suddenly the movie stops there and changes to grainy footage of a bunch of lego models of star fighters flying through space. You hear the voice of Aliena, the woman that narrates some of the tankspot videos.

"Hello and welcome to the tankspot guide to the 25 man Death Star encounter. For this fight you'll need 15 X-wings, 4 Y-wings and the rest A-wings. Make sure one of the pilots can make a reference to 'Beggars Canyon'.

The movie continues and all the information is laid out nicely; the exhaust ports are explained, the laser turrets are mentioned even the escorted TIE fighters along the trench are pointed out. The attack goes as planned with the help of the 'Millennium Falcon'. All from one camera angle at a distance looking down at a assortment of lego models. But you never hear Han Solo and never feel that vertigo feeling as you swoop into the trench and never see the look on Lukes face as he hears Obi Wan, '...use the Force, Luke.'

For me that's what this game was starting to feel like...boring, with no emotional investment in my toon...and not worth the price. Is it a prefect solution? No, but until I win the lottery and can leave a good job it might keep me in Azeroth for a few more years.

For all the players that moan that this will lessen the game in some way I just have to ask: Have you been paying attention to the loss in subscriptions lately? I think LFR may be a nice fix to that problem.
I agree with the OP. I have this character on an RP server, where progression hardly ever reaches heroic mode for the general population. Granted, my main is on a normal server. Regardless, LFR gives me a chance to see content in a more relaxed environment for my alts. It's nice to have the option to get (reduced quality) gear on my alts. It's nice to be able to "raid" on toons that I actually enjoy playing more than my main but won't ever seriously raid with because I can't afford a server transfer and a faction change to try and force myself into a raid group (where I would be replacing my tank) that probably doesn't need me. I don't see this as a way to encourage the bads to be bad. I see this as a way to allow those of us with multiple alts a chance to stay relatively up to date with our gear. I have seven 85s. I don't have the will or the available time to heroic mode raid with all of them. LFR lets me feel like my alts haven't been abandoned. In addition to the possibilities that's opened up, LFR also allows people who would otherwise not see raid content a chance to feel like they're a -part- of the end game. People like the OP aren't shouting to be accepted into your hard modes. They're content to just see a watered down version of what you do. If, in the end they want to do some raiding, they're still going to have to prove themselves to whatever raid group they join. It's not like anyone who has used LFR is acting like this experience entitles them to hard modes. They have their raiding, you have yours. Let them have their Kmart raiding with its Kmart gear. At least this expansion requires effort to reward epics. Did you all forget the welfare epic epidemic of Wrath? The sad thing is, all you hardcore raiding crybabies fail to see the people who love LFR love it for the experience, not the gear. Get over yourselves.
A lot of posts in this thread make me happy. It warms the heart to hear that players are having a good time experiencing the final raid of Cataclysm and putting the "death" in Deathwing. Raid Finder was specifically designed to make raid content more accessible. We do, after all, put a hell of a lot of work into designing that content. To that end, if we need to take more time with each raid to develop a Raid Finder version so that a vastly larger percentage of our playerbase can take part, then it's well worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, Tweak, and everyone else who jumped in with constructive comments as well. :)

We appreciate you guys listening to us. The LFR is amazing.
I have been playing since Vanilla and started raiding in BC, hardcore and casual, during WOTLK I was in the top ranked guild for the server, not my current, moved and changed servers. Did the grinds got the achievements. Leveled toons just to fill gaps in raid compositions. But with this expansion I did not want to raid, not wanting to tie my limited playing time up with raiding schedules, until LFR came out. This was the perfect solution for those of us that enjoy playing and can't commit to raid guild schedules.

For those complaining about being done with content in a couple weeks....well thats why I have 7 lvl 85's after all these years. Can't wait for MoP to come out, will roll a Panda Monk, just because.
I could take you elitist raiders complaining about LFR tool a little more serious if you didn't use it also. lol

(kinda ironic)

so i am elitist because i think someone in 372 gear should be able to do more than 5-7k HPS, 15K dps and actually hold threat? no my friend, that is called knowing your class/spec and performing to the bare minimum of acceptable standards for your gear level.

It's a game. Stop making new or bad players that cannot perform to your standards uncomfortable. It's unfair, childish, and annoying.
It's a game. Stop making new or players that cannot perform to your standards uncomfortable. It's unfair, childish, and annoying.

This. So much this. No one is forcing hard cores to group with/accept/be around casuals. If you need LFR gear and you're a hard core, get off your lazy duff and MAKE a group for LFR. If you're just too good for that, then queue with the rest of them and keep your entitled mouth shut.
I love the LFR.. My Only Complaint was that it drops Tier.. Personally, I would rather see the LFR drop ilvl off tier peices.. IE, Lower versions of the VP items... Though that is a small concern.. I tested this on the PTR several times, and was horrified at what it might become.. Because on the PTR there were non stop Griefers and Trolls.. But so far, I have found the LFR to be very enjoyable!
I'm a casual raider (we raid once or twice a week, for about 2 or 3 hours a time). And I'm still doing 10-man normals.

However, last week we decided to go into LFR with some of our group (maybe 7 of us), and we had a BLAST. It was such a different feel. It may not have been as challenging, but it was certainly fun, and this is a game, isn't it?
All the people griping about how faceroll the LFR is obviously haven't used it much, or at all. Sure a couple of the bosses are probably a little too easy (Morchok and Warmaster what's-his-face in particular), but for the most part they are tuned very well for what they are. I quit raiding at the beginning of the expansion, cause i didn't feel like grinding through heroic modes anymore, and frankly i'm just not willing to make the scheduling commitment that raiding requires anymore. LFR has been great fun, running it with some of my old raid buddies, seeing content i would otherwise have missed (i have never even attempted a single boss in firelands)
The final deathwing fight is no pushover for a random group. Sure raiders going in there with 10+ 390 ilevel geared toons are going to have an easy time of it, but for those of us doing it nearly totally randomly, with toons in the mid 370s (ie. 95% of us), it is quite challenging. I've spent probably 5 or 6 hours in the last 2 days wiping on Deathwing.

So lets all just enjoy the content difficulty level we prefer, and not worry about the preferences of others.
I also like the raid finder. As my guild's raid leader (yes, we're semi casual, but did get through 2 heroic FL bosses prior to this patch), it's allowing people to get geared up for the actual raids, and get BASIC practice at the raid encounters.

In a guild where we have over 900 members, who are mainly casuals, the raid finder is a godsend. I now have 50-60 players who have seen the basics of the fights, have basically viable gear, and who I can now actually bring to the raid without having to explain every detail of the encounter.

I'm loving it!
I'm a casual raider (we raid once or twice a week, for about 2 or 3 hours a time). And I'm still doing 10-man normals.

However, last week we decided to go into LFR with some of our group (maybe 7 of us), and we had a BLAST. It was such a different feel. It may not have been as challenging, but it was certainly fun, and this is a game, isn't it?

My guild and I did the same this week. We had a lot of fun. It drove our RL nuts cause he's kinda OCD about mechanics but he'll be ok. He did say with us going doing LFR (and I don't mean this to be elitist in the slightest) we know what not to do now and we've learn from the mistakes that were being made.

We had an off week last week due to RL but we expect a full clear this week and then after the holidays, we'll be rolling into hard modes.
I've played WoW for about 6 months now. After several other MMOs in my lifetime, I settled on this one since my girlfriend plays. This is my main so you can imagine that I have other commitments since I am only level 70 after that time. I noticed as I got closer to end game, the story lines and lore were still great, but my desire to push ever closer to the end diminished. It was the slow realization that I was pushing towards content I'd never see, and that made up the bulk of the reason people play this game in the first place. I was playing out the Deathwing solo quests but would never see the end. Could you imagine playing Mario to World 8 only to be turned away?

If I didn't farm gear for countless hours I'd never see Deathwing defeated unless I watched videos on youtube (and if I was going to do that, why would I bother playing in the first place?). Now, with LFR, sure I still have to get gear to meet the minimum ilvl, but actually getting to see the content, without an asinine raid schedule, commitments, etc., has renewed my interest in continuing to play and renewing for another 6 months. Raiding is now a viable option to those with full lives offline. Personally, I'm self-employed, have a girlfriend, exercise regularly, volunteer, play D&D once a week, read, live on my own, have an active social life, and play a wide variety of other video games.

I'm the exact player anyone against LFR is hating on. If you really think that LFR lessens your experience, it's due to petty jealousy. Now people can get similar (albeit lesser) loot, and see the same content, for a fraction of the effort you used to put in, and since you struggled so hard to get what you have, and get where you are, everyone should (even if they're not getting the same stuff, or same accomplishment). I'm pretty sure that's the same mentality you find from spoiled 16 year old girls on MTV.
12/08/2011 06:54 AMPosted by Kevyne
Maybe up the damage so it's level 85 friendly. I'd keep coming back to it as I prefer the active healing style...not running all over and procs that stop you from healing. Want to feel like a healer, not waiting around to heal. :(

dude, healing as a Holy Paladin right now is such a blast. We're still doing an awesome job at keeping tanks up, and finally we can be a decent contributor to aoe raid heals.

Move past the whack-a-mole healing, and learn to embrace a healing style that requires pressing more than one button.
I raid on a normal schedule with my guild, working on progression. We will actually get together 1 night a week and do the LFR just for fun. Normal raids on 10 mans can be entirely two stressful. This actually gives you a chance to breath when you are doing it. Have had the most fun doing LFR.

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