I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I know a lot of people who are really enjoying this as well. I'm even enjoying it and I have a steady normal / heroic raid guild! I can raid on my alts or just have a carefree raid as DPS or something if I desire.
OP... /clap

I used to raid hardcore.. late nights, hours of grinding before hand...

Then I got married.. Now have a kid on the way. Gotta wake up at 4:30am for work every morning.... Raiding at the times available on my server just wasn't an option. Neither was paying money to transfer from a server I've played on since vanilla with all my friends... to a different server where I had zero friends.

LFR is by far one of the top 5 features ever released in this game. Good job Blizzard, good job. LFR has ensured that I in fact will purchase the new expansion.
To Sumaki, you mentioned the downward spiral of the game bothers you.

Things may work for you as a hardcore dedicated player, that's just fine. I tried the game in each version, never having the time nor the desire to be dedicated to it. I like many others never got to experience game content.

All Blizzard has done is allow your average person to experience content. How is this a bad thing?

You said something about it just lets bad players be bad players. Well, bad players are always going to be out there, the problem before LFR was the bad players were never allowed to play end game content because you had to be in a guild and they would never be allowed to run with the good players.

So yeah, sorry that not everyone is a skilled gamer or has the time to play, its a real shame letting them see the story line.
I like the LFR, because my alts will finally be able to go through raids. Normally only my main of the time gets to see any raids. So it'll be helpful for them. I'll be able to have them geared on the back burner.

That's great. And I can say, raiding can get old. I know we were brick wall smashing on Rag for a bit. My guild raided 4 days a week with two teams. I'm on the weekend team. We did manage to kill rag before the next patch hit a few times, which is a great feeling if your casual like me.

Now if they'd only make certain mounts, achivements, and titles account wide. Seasonal events, I'm looking at you! Mounts my blue proto-drake on my horde shaman, it be nice if my other charactes could use it. Ho hum.
OP said this better then I ever could. You nailed it. I get to play through all the story, and that is what I had wanted. Being able to play through all the content with my limited time is awesome.

Thank you Blizzard.
I've full cleared FL on a server where only 5 guilds have. My guild is 5/8 on normal DS, where no guild has cleared yet on the sever.

I had only the chance to down the 1 boss over the weekend though. I am not calling the normal mode bosses easy. Just the LFRG version. It just perpetuates bad players being bad players.

That aside, I challenge your assertion. Doing LFR creates a floor for the skills of the community at large. If you can't get past LFR, you're doing things horribly wrong. Think about that for a moment: DOING THINGS HORRIBLY WRONG. If people are learning the basics in LFR, it's saving us from people DOING THINGS HORRIBLY WRONG in actual raids. It's helping us to get the general player population not to DO THINGS HORRIBLY WRONG in 5 mans. It's going to actually INCREASE the basic skill level of the worst of the worst players, and put everyone on the same basic starting point (speaking now about new players).

Sorry, but the assertion that it perpetuates bad play is a bad assertion from the word go.


No, the mechanics are no different than the typical heroic. . . so it doesn't teach anyone anything.
Thanks Blizzard. First time raider here. Killed Deathwing. Go me!!

12/07/2011 07:45 AMPosted by Sumaki
No, the mechanics are no different than the typical heroic. . . so it doesn't teach anyone anything.

not really, its the same fight but simplified, its like doing first degree equations before second degree equations

comparing the typical heroics with raids is like comparing first degree equations with logarithm
hm, interesting.
I love this thread.. I can't wait!! >>sounds VERY cool<<

12/07/2011 03:54 AMPosted by Tweak
This game has never been about the loot or the prestige for me. I've always just wanted to SEE the content. I want to SEE the characters. The cutscenes. The story. I want to meet them, talk to them, kill them. Whatever. Just wanted to do it. Loot was always just a means to that end for me. I wanted to see how the world of warcraft unfolded... i

I feel like I fall into this category as a semi-casual player.. and know I'd never be a hardcore raider due to my schedule/commitments, potential interruptions offline. But now I feel a whole new WoW experience has opened up to me and I have even more reason.. to... work on my first 85!!
As a guild and raid leader what LFR does is allow me the freedom to let any guildie who meets the ilvl requirement into the raid. This is what I loved about OS 25 - the inclusiveness and lack of needing to be so strict about participants. When that was taken away with this expansion and everything turned hardcore, I had to eject people from runs because they didn't meet minimum dps or healing thresholds. It breaks my heard to tell a kid, a dad, mom, spouse, best friend sorry, you can't raid until you up your game. To have NO raid whatsoever to include the lesser performers after having that in Wrath was devastating to morale and people stopped playing.

With LFR and just the overal wonderful 5 mans, DMF, and transmog I have people logging in to play again despite having Skyrim as a competitor on peoples' time. I was able to do a 25 man LFR raid on Tuesday night with 22 guildies, two friends of the guild, and a single pug - ONE PUG! We haven't seen 25 on at the same time since the beginning of this expansion and it felt great to be able to socialize in such a large group activity again. We did the first half without issues and plan on doing the second half tonight. Everyone had a wonderful time and are really excited about LFR.

This patch has brought new life and joy and FUN back into the game for me and my guildmates. Words do a poor job of expressing my gratitude for salvaging what has been for us at least a very stressful expansion. I really look forward to seeing more improvements for the casual, average players in the next expansion.
12/07/2011 08:31 AMPosted by Sarriana
but saldy have never seen Throne of winds or Alakir.

You aren't missing much, as it's not really an interesting raid. I wish that raid was more interesting. It's so hard to get your title from the first three raids, because no one likes doing that raid. I know the three guilds I've been in this xpac, they do it once and never go back. I got the title on one character, but no one else. Blizzard should throw a mount in there, that'll fix it =P
I was going to make a thread on this as well but i'll add to yours. Its great. I worked 12 hours yesterday. Came home around 9pm, queued in lfr as DPS. Within 10 minutes I was in the raid and we were pulling the first trash pack.

The last time I seriously raided in this game was back in BC when my guild downed Illidan in BT when I played my hunter before SWP came out.. LK I played less seriously. Still saw content but took my sweet time doing it and quit after killing LK once in 10 man.

During cata I just havent had the time to commit to the game. Thats not the games fault. At one point I could do that and I loved it. BC was the most exciting expansion for me. I absolutely loved paladin tanking. Heroic Shattered halls anyone :D... LFR makes it quick and easy. Queue up, see content, maybe get loot. Perfect for me.

And I really like the direction the heroics went. Most people run those just for points anyway. Should be quick and easy as well and it is.
I really do think that Blizzard is onto a winner here with the LFR .. now they need to capitalize on it and make other raids compatible with it as quickly as they can.

At the moment it's a raw gem and just needs a little cutting and polishing to make it really shine.

This is really spot on right here. There is so much untapped potential here just waiting to be found. I can't wait to see where it goes.

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