I will never go back to normal raiding again.

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I am a normal mode raider but have found raid finder to be very rewarding nonetheless. My guild raids once a week for a very short time, so we have very little time to progress on new fights. This was a detriment to us in Firelands and it took us a very long time to finish the content even though we eventually did.

Last Sunday was our first raid of the new patch. Everyone was very anxious about how far we'd actually get since we'd done so poorly in Firelands. I can't tell you how long we were 4/7. Much to our surprise we managed 4/8 in the two hours that we raided and were ecstatic! Most of the success has been contributed to our raiders having seen the content in the raid finder already. It was a very big help to know what to anticipate.

Raid finder also helped us be prepared for the current content. When my guild started Firelands we were sorely undergeared for it (we're talking people still rocking 346 blues) which contributed to us having such a hard time. A lot of the raiders in my guild were able to pick up new gear (I was lucky enough to get my tier chest) that allowed them to catch up a bit where we were lagging behind.

I think there is still some fine tuning to do in LFR specifically where loot rolls are concerned, but otherwise I think it's a great tool for people who are not on the cutting edge of progression and aren't chasing those server firsts.

Good job, Blizz!
i am glad someone see that the changes are not made for the super elite groups but was aim for the avg player. good job for killing dorkwing! a post like this is something i thought i will never see when it came to raids, a normal avg player beating the end game boss while that boss is still the top of the current expansion.

sure it was the easy version but still she had a blast doing it. i am glad you had fun with the LFR and you had posted something good about it.
I am really enjoying this as on my server not to many pugs are around to be able to get in and frankly i dont want to try and get into a raiding guild. I am loving this and will be doing it over every week to get my teir gear. It is a great idea and 4.3 i think in general is a great patch
I just wanted to chime in with a big thank you to Blizzard here. I admittedly went into LFR with a very negative attitude. I expected it to be a cakewalk, easy, dumbed down and boring content. But as someone who once enjoyed true raiding and now cannot afford the time commitment, I wanted to give it a try. And.. to my surprise, I had fun. While it was "easier", I still was able to see content, get some gear and just enjoy a relaxed environment.

However, I would really like to request T11 and T12 content be put into the LFR tool. I really wanted to see these instances but I'm not sure I have the time. Without previously having an achievement, it's very difficult to get in. With a baby, a fulltime job and part time school my time to commit to raiding just isn't there anymore.

I'm a hardmode raider and I LOVE LFR.

I'm bored? do LFR
feel like healing? do LFR
Maybe do a dungeon here and there.

But I play this game because of raiding, and now I can raid when i'm not raiding. :O
Gonna add my thanks to this thread. I work night shift, so I typically can't make it to many of my guild's regularly scheduled raids. On top of that, I can group up with my husband and our two friends and we can hit up LFR together (once they're geared up) without having to join a large guild together.
Seriously, /highfive to whoever came up with this idea at the water cooler.

Dear Original Poster,

You are awesome, thank you for both articulating what many of us moderate players believe and feel. I only raided Kara and Gruul, and I have ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS wanted to raid more, but could never get it together.

There used to be this consistent notion that you have to have completed a raid with Achievements to be able to participate in that raid... for those of us not in a raiding guild? No good. For those of us without the achievements to be IN said raiding guild... no good. I haven't yet had the chance to test my mettle against Deathwing himself, but I've done the "Siege of Wyrmrest" Twice and LOVED it.

I, like the OP, love the lore and have had a fabulous time finally experiencing this new content! Thanks Blizzard for looking out for me. Like so many others, I dream of a day where I can kill Ragnaros and Cho'Gall, and do it in a time-frame that works for me without all of the drama. Thank you for LFR and (on the side) the lore-intensive super-fun Dragon Soul dungeons!

My thanks,
The long-time player, short-time raider who can now experience WoW
My wife and I are enjoying the raid finder!
I absolutely love this post! Being a nurse who works overnight, I was never able to raid when my guild with my guild. Now that I am able to experience the same content that my guild is experiencing I don't feel so left out. I don't care that the raids are easier or shorter in length. This works for me as I have more important things to do outside of this game.

This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care. :)

Zar, I love you!!! It is well past the time that the "community" realized that "raiding" isn't homogenous, and one size DOESN'T fit all.

I've been a semi-hardcore raider (4-5 nights per week, 4-6 hours per night) and have moved to more casual raiding (RL takes its toll). While I'm in a guild that is raiding DS, the LFR allowing people who've never been able to raid before, and people who (even though they did raid) never got to see the "big bads" die while current content is absolutely wonderful.

Kudos to Blizzard for having the guts to implement this and to all the other players out there who UNDERSTAND that different levels of difficulty suit different needs and can have a "live and let live" attitude rather than the presumptuous elitist whining about "dumbed-down" and "bads".
when this came out I was highly skeptical and didn't think LFR would work that well. I was proven wrong. I still raid with my guild but I am very surprised how succesful LFR actually is. I very much enjoy it :)
As someone who just got back into the game and is just leveling alts, this thread gives me great anticipation to try raid finder. Very glad to see this thread!!!
I'll add an opinion for the others who raid hardcore and push the bleeding edge of content: LFR is incredibly well tuned.

Seriously, I took this toon through it and found it enjoyable overgearing everything. I took my tank through it who was just at the 372 gear level and found it approriate. I took my mage who still has 2 blues through it and enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up.

All this with only seeing minimal numbers of jerks.

Seriously, impressed
I used to be really hardcore, then my guild fell apart when 25s and 10s were no longer allowed to run together. We struggled fielding three 10 mans but we really didn't have the people to allow for three full ten mans and alts for every group in case someone couldn't make it. We ended up breaking down into two ten mans, one hardcore, one casual and several of us were just left out of the equation because we went from progression in mind to 'I want to play with friends' and since some of us weren't friends with the RLs that took over, we kinda just got left to our own pickings.

I found that real life actually was making it hard for me to even want another 3-4 day a week schedule and since I could no longer raid with my main 25 man team that I loved (because it didn't exist) I didn't actually care to put three more years of time and investment in a group to get things back to the way I liked it. Since my guild has been around since Vanilla and I had been a member for years, I decided to just because a casual member instead of pushing myself to go rebuild everything I had worked for before in the name of raiding.

That said, I LOVE raiding. I love seeing a huge group of people attacking a boss. 25s are my favorite and there just aren't many 25m guilds anymore out there. LFR has given me the opportunity to see the raids and know what bosses are sortof like when my guild's raiders talk about them. I know it's 'easy mode' but I am not even interested in how hard or easy it is, I find it absolutely a blast to play with that many people toward a common goal-even if it's an easy one. With my luck I won't get much gear so I am not doing it for that but I love that I am able to see fights without having to hope one of my guild's groups has me fill-in on one of their farm nights for them.

Thanks for making LFR for people like me. I'm a good player, I just don't have the time or energy investment to join an actually raiding team again and my server doesn't have many regular pugs for current content. I don't want to leave my guild I have been in for years just to raid because my friendship in the guild matters a great deal for me. You have given me a chance to tank for a 25m group again and to see bosses again and even run my alts through the content again!

It's not for people pushing world firsts for sure, but they shouldn't care that the rest of us can have fun, too. I certainly don't care that their most fun times might be killing a boss they wiped on 100+ times. I think it's great that there are ways to have fun for a lot of people in this game-most people even. Now when do we get more dailies lol.

Keep it up Blizz-there are pros and cons to every action you do, but change is something this game needs.
My guild will no doubt be doing normal and heroic modes that are challenging, but what's the point of doing deathwing again when I've already killed him? Like some people in this thread, I care a lot about the story. In the story, as far as I'm concerned, I killed Deathwing in that LFR group. The sense of awe I had in Wrath of the Lich King, thinking "Man, maybe some day I'll face the Lich King himself!" is gone.

It's striking to me that if you clearly know your own mind and feelings about how important the story is to you, that you would have stayed away from LFR. It's not a stretch to think, "This is the end boss of the expansion. To kill Deathwing in LFR on what for me is easy mode will be to trivialize and ruin an important thing. So I won't do that."

So why did you?

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