Arm vs Fury, 4.3?

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I am sure it has been posted/theorycrafted many times over the last few days, but I had to start my own thread. I have played Arms, SMF, and TG over the past 6+ years...and always preferred to play Fury over Arms.

With the 4.3 patch, i read everywhere that Arms is the way to go right now? I tried both specs last night in LFR and tended to still do more single target damage in Fury TG spec, but awesome AOE with Arms. My single target damage was 10% lower in Arms than Fury. I must have been missing something in the rotations?

I have a couple of good 2-handers for TG, Obsidium Cleavers and a new 397 1-hander for SMF, and Zoid/Pitlord for Arms.

Thoughts/suggestions on the best overall DPS spec for raiding? And if it is Arms, is there any good add-on to help maximize the rotations?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/recommendations!

Take care,
12/07/2011 08:59 AMPosted by Bourneagain
and always preferred to play Fury over Arms.

go fury /thread
i switched to arms to try it out and see the dps difference. was still like 3k less than fury but i never really mastered the rotation for arms. believe it or not arms is harder to master IMO. I picked up fury quickly, and enjoyed it very much
Play what spec you're most comfortable with.
Honestly I'm enjoying arms dps.
I'm pulling around 25k average with a 385 ilvl.
Yet once I try furry.. Only pulling about 19k on the dummy. So Idk.
Numbers been supporting arms pulling ahead as of late. Usually was able to hold 35-6 single as fury...

First week as arms in over a year, been getting 40k+ single target, sans stance stance(just getting comfy with the new rotations/rage gen)

Just getting into the warrior DPS scene, go with whatever you can manage first with weapons more or less. If you intend to max/min, arms is looking much better atm
I love Fury (SMF) but Arms is the way to go. :(
Dummy is a terrible representation of someones DPS.

Also, enchant your !@#$ and gem correctly then come complain about your DPS.
Used to be an SMF Warrior before I took an arrow to the...... kidding

Lately I've heard Arms is doing really well but I'm happy with my fury spec :) sad that I had to swap back to Titans grip cuz of significant DPS differences especially in Madness of Deathwing
what do u guys think is better titans grip or single minded fury?
Stop reforging to mastery for TG fury. Might help
ive been fury for the majority of FL. last night, i went to try arms after i finish all my macro/respec in LFR. to my amazement, the one fight that stood out was Warlord Zon'ozz. i was able to hit 51K+ dps for boss fight. afterward i even made a joke about vote kicking the noob warrior (me) for doing so little dmg. i was like wait is this for real, maybe i just got very luck string of crit. the 2nd highest dps behind me was a spriest doing about 39k. it made me wonder damn i don't think i couldve done as much dmg with fury... will require more test to confirm.
Arms, L2 Stance dance, Not hard its all in the guide, you will quickly pick up on what other moves you will want macroed for stance dance.

At the start you will have difficulty but its just a matter of Training on target dummies to get the rotation down, Then move into some Heroics/LFR to work on some raid awareness.

I'm sort of glad that Arms has pulled ahead of Fury this Patch as I have never gone Arms before and I am enjoying seeing this side of my Class ^.^

Edit: Also, Colossus smash Chains = Sooooo Epic. Feels so good when you are busting out your rotation and a Colossus smash procs and you end up getting 5+ in a row feels so epic. I cant wait for 4pc :D
Fury is loved for the fact that you can hold two two-handed weapons at a time. Not only does doing this increase you hp but it also makes you look like you are more preped. Fury is used for PvE more often than in PvP ofc you can still use it I wouldnt recommend doing this unless you know how to do this, or dont give a **** if you die. When you are a warrior dps you are looking for Plate (Strength, Stamina) that is if you can wear plate at your lvl if not than mail is fine till you can wear plate. You want to look for Crit, Haste, Hit chance, expert, mastery, etc. You want mastery around 21, and the rest should be fine around 14-16... It is good to enchant items as long as you know what you are doing and that is if you can afford the enchants and what not. Rotation is a pretty big thing in making your dps the best it can be... has some things that can help you with that. Also Gyphs* can help aswell this increases the performance of a certain spell (Attack). You can get to your Gyphs* by going to your talent points and going to the bottom of the talent box and you will see something that saying Gyphs.. or something like that. You can find more info on what to put as your Gyphs on It is good to have addons from they help alot in performance and they can inform you when to do things in boss fights. It doesnt matter if you are alliance or if you are horde... just as long as you are having fun!, kicking !@#, and being the best you can be! Good Luck!
Since having a choice is too much for some people to handle....

Go Fury. There, I told you to. If anyone protests, tell them Sek knows where they sleep at night.
Will you be my internet girlfriend?
Obviously you run both.

I play fury for single target bosses and Arms for AoE ones.

Morchok-Hagara-Ultra-Spine are my Fury fights

Madness, Zon, Yor and Blackhorn are my Arms fights.

Even tho arms is better single target than fury right now. I like the spec too much to set it aside completely.

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