[H]EatGrenadeStupids LF Guild Merge or Absorb

Eat Grenade Stupids was a casual progression guild who raided 10 man 2 nights a week for 3 hours. We completed 3 of 7 pre nerf in heroic firelands, but ran into attendance issues as players went on to other games. We have not started raiding in this tier and it doesn't look like we will either.

That being said we have 5 or so raiders, all about 380ish ilevel, have done heroic level content in a minimal amount of time and want to continue raiding through out this tier.

We're willing to consider both a guild merge (I can get full control of our lv 24 guild, which has a good stockpile of mats and gold for raiding (traditionally guild repairs, flasks, and feasts, along with bis boe's up to a certain amount were free unless it was prohibitively expensive at the time)), or an absorption of our players to fill out your roster.

Our current players looking to raid are,
Myself the druid - 1spec, resto, 384 amazing healer if I do say so myself. Second spec boomkin, would also be about 384, 3rd spec feral tank (lower ilevel 375 or so but was able to do heroic bosses post-nerf but it was dicey).
Dk with both tankspec and dps similar ilevels (as are the rest of the players)
Hunter (or mage, or pally, although these are less geared atm). He is an amazing dps'er and will top your charts.
Warlock with most of the legendary staff completed (if you are still running firelands for staffs this would be a quick one to finish after your current one)

If you are interested in talking possibilities please respond to this post. I find myself burning though the raid content I can do currently (I really really hate pugs as I'm sure most of you understand) in the lfr and bh in about 2 hours so I am rarely on in game these days and I would hate to miss any interest.

Also side note: We also have a few of us interested in arena's and rated bg's if you have members who pvp too.
< Intolerance > Level 25 guild with the right combination of quality leadership, fun & progression. We have rebuilt our 1st 10man team & are looking for players to fill the 2nd group. We strive to maintain a atmosphere of curiosity & competence therefore applicants should be drama-free & know their class inside-out. We take raiding seriously however our goal is to have fun. Apply or pst for information.
We provide food, flasks, and repairs.

Server: Korgath
Website: intolerancekorgath.shivtr.com
(both teams 10man)
Team 1: Tues. & Wed. 6:00 to 9:00cst (clean-up Mon. 8:30 to 10:00)
Team 2: Tues & Wed. 8:00 to 11:00cst
FL Friday at 9:30
Guild Achievements: Thur. 8:30
RBGs: Fri. & Sat. 7:00
Contacts: Mesha (alt 133) Morvid or Raincor

We are always looking for great talent, look forward to talking with you!
Spots will fill fast if you hurry we can get you all in.
If you guys are still interested in a new guild you can contact me or Aquaix in game.

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