Any other rogues for Hiram Creed?

Hey guys. On my rogue, Kabalas, I have been having an impossible time to kill him. A couple friends teamed up and owned him. Wondering if anyone is at that part also and needs to kill him if I can join up. Lets say 630pm EST on Thursday? Just message Kabalas.

Appreciate it.
I am on now if anyone would liek to team up. Just look up Kabalas.
NVM. Got him down. Respecced to a complete "survivability" combat spec and that helped to the trick. So much I actually killed him with over 100K life (yes i healed myself throughout).
Lord Hiram Creed
He rode a marvelous steed
But then one day
A drake said "He shall pay!"

Armed with poisons, sharps, and spite
Cloaked thieves set out in the night
A promise of wealth and power untold
"Just vanquish this Drakenoid scum, be bold!"

So down in Gilneas did old Hiriam wait
For a shadowed assassin to deliver his fate
With guards all around, and watchers on the roof
Lord Hiriam knew when trouble was aloof

But then up an alleyway crept a black shade
Many a guard, did she evade
Foolishly sat Creed, "I'll never be beat, ha!"
But then he realized, "Oh damn, it's Leitka!"

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