Suggestion: Checkbox to disable Duel requests

UI and Macro
I have noticed that through the interface we can block Trades, Guild Invites, Whispers and a variety of other things. Why can we not block dueling requests. When I want to quest, and am out in the a zone, the last thing I want is to have someone challenging me to a duel when I am trying to fight Black Drakes In Twilight Highlands! This seems like a basic addition to me. A simple check box in the Interface under Combat or Social would do the trick, returning a dialog to the challenger that "This person is not accepting duels".

Does that and more. Mostly everything is disabled, and you just enable the features you want.
I was just mentioning to a friend today that this would be brilliant . I don't use addons on my WoW, so having a feature would be super handy .

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