The Angel of Tol Barad(Complete)

Emerald Dream
To the Angel of Tol Barad
My sweet lovely angel, I know not your name but I know your face.

I first saw you in the marsh, your angelic hands were conjuring a brilliant light to lay the crocolisks low.

I had been resting my wretched form in the bog, awaiting the coming battle by limbering up my battleworn limbs when you crossed into my domain, normally when some one trespasses into my happy place it is met with swift and brutal reprisal.

But you, face like an angel and soft yielding body would suffer no such fate. I watched you pick your way delicately through the bog, trying so hard to keep the mud from your dress.

The smell of your perfume mixed with the sweat and musk of your labor intoxicated me, and I was compelled to shadow your movements through the bog.

Your delicate flaxen hair, that you had tied in a pony tail had become loose and ragged with your efforts, and I am unsure if you felt my unseen touch sweep your hair back behind an ear, but the warm smile you gave fills me with hope.

I do not know if you feel the same way about me, but I believe I may fancy you, if this is requited meet me in Booty Bay at midnight, I will be wearing a white marrigold in my breast pocket.

P.S. I took the liberty of washing your robe while you slept, it seemed a sin for you to wear a dirty robe.

P.P.S. I did not like the way that paladin was looking at you in the auction house, fear not he shall not bother you futher.
Dearest Angel of Tol Barad
I am disappointed that you did not arrive in Booty Bay as I had hoped.

I returned to Stormwind for answers and found you locked in your room, I was tempted to wake you then and there, but you were sleeping so peacefully that I could not bring myself to do so.

I can only assume that your father kept you from leaving, surely he would have seen in time that you are mine, but I am not a patient man. He shall not impede our love further.

I must leave your city for now, but I will return on the morrow for you

Yours in the darkness.

The Doctor.
Sweet Angel.
I have returned to your fine city, but I noticed your home was empty, at first I thought you had left to seek me out, but I later discovered that to my horror, they had found your father.

My sincerest apologies, you were never meant to see that, but more importantly that young man consoling you, I do not trust his intentions, he seeks to take advantage of you in your grief and the arrogance he displays while trying to take you from me is staggering.

I would very much like to see you tonight, but alas I must pay a visit to this would be suitor and educate him on boundaries, for you are mine and any who tries to come between us must be brought to count.

Please accept my apologies and the rose I left on your bed, it is from the royal gardens of Lordaeron, black as a starless night, and soft as the skin of your thigh, and as fragrant as the crook of your neck after your nightly bath.

Yours in the darkness,

The Doctor
My Angel
I overheard your discussion with the guards, You said you do not know what happened to that boy who tried to steal you from me, this is good, for neither do they.

I do not understand why you cry so, 'Why is this happening to me' I heard you cry into your pillow for hours on end, I could not stand to see you in such emotional distress and so I administered a sleeping aid to whisk you into the bliss of slumber.

I was tempted to take you with me then and there, but I've decided I will need to secure a horse or two before we can flee this wretched city that tries to contain your luminescence like a sheet over a lantern.

I must leave you one final night, my sweet sweet angel, but I will return once the sun has once again retreated and we will at long last embrace our love for one another face to face.

You will see me for who I truly am and you will bring your light into my dark life.

Yours in the darkness,

The Doctor.
Deceitful Angel
I do not understand how you can call me a monster, I thought something special had formed between us, How can you betray me like this?

I will not be denied in such a foul manner, Angel, you are mine, and you will not push me aside as some vagrant.

You are mine and mine alone and I will take you by force If I have to, I will tear your throat out and extinguish the light from your wretched form if I have to.

You will be mine one way or another.

The Doctor.
Dear Angel I apologize, forgive me I let my temper get the best of me, I am calm now, so very calm.

I was merely recoiling from the sudden...rejection, I do not take rejection well I fear but the love of you has quickly cooled the fires in my soul once again, I'm still unsure why you cast me out, but I have an idea.

I will return on the morrow one last time, and then I will make you see, my angel, that we are meant to be together, and you will forever be mine for all eternity.

Yours in the darkness,

The Doctor.
My sweetest Angel.
It has come to this, a part of me always knew it would have to happen like this, but the greater wished it wouldn't.

I don't know how we would have worked it out otherwise, to be honest. a creature of light, and a creature of dark, joined at the soul? Inconceivable really.

In the end it is for the best, I am nothing if not a practical man and I have taken the steps necessary to ensure a future together for the two of us.

As you are reading this you have probably already noticed your fingertips are growing numb, if you wiggle your toes you will realize the same of them. Once your arms and legs begin to feel the same I implore you to lay down, it will speed the transition.

Rest assured I have chosen the most painless way for you, Your heart will be the last thing to stop, and I will be sure it is the first thing to start again.

I will be with you soon my sweet bride, and then I will never leave you again, we will be together forever and ever.

Together in the darkness,

The Doctor.

I applaud you sir, thank ye fer the entertainment an Ima sorry things couldn'ta worked out a lil bit better for yins two.... or maybe this was yer plan all along eh?

Either which way, BRAVO & ENCORE! Encore me says, encore!
Very Nice!
This story was really captivating. The concepts were reminiscent of both Frankenstein's creation and the Phantom of the Opera. I believe they had many forum regulars waiting for the next day.
it was as exquisite as it was creepy. would read again.
... That was fantastic

Engaging plot and well written monologue… creative story telling device though stalker love letters.

And, like all stalkers, worked too hard for the attention of their object of affection…

when what all you really need do to win the heart of your chosen is just act like a jerk and flash a lot of money around.

What if I don't have a lot of money to flash around?
big junk.
(( This was so eerie. I thoroughly enjoyed it! /applaud ))
I would like to note that she may never read that letter. Perhaps she still lives! /recommend that she runs far away, and very swiftly at that.

12/10/2011 11:24 AMPosted by Anamys
This story was really captivating. The concepts were reminiscent of both Frankenstein's creation and the Phantom of the Opera. I believe they had many forum regulars waiting for the next day.

((/agree - this was so much fun to read and the writing was excellent!))

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