(A) <Ace of Spades> Recruiting One Tank

We are a 10 man raiding guild, currently 4/8 for Tier 13 content. In the previous tier we were able to kill Ragnaros in the final days before 4.3 came out.

Ace of Spades is approximately two months old and we have made much progress in that time. We are currently guild level 12 and have made significant progress on important raiding guild achievements such as "mixmaster" and "thats a lot of bait" Update: Mixmaster complete woot!

We expect our members to maintain a 90% attendance rate for raids. We also expect them to prepare accordingly. This includes preparation through farming necessary materials, as well as prior research into your class of choice, and an overall understanding of the details that sometimes make a difference between first kills and tenth wipes.

Our raid days are Friday and Saturday 7-11 PM server time. Contact Acess, Såint or Baemon in game to apply if you meet the follow criteria.

You are level 85 [i][b]Protection Paladin or Protection Warrior. Other classes will be accepted on a case by case basis.

You have a genuine interest in your class, and a desire to fine tune your abilities in a forgiving but also demanding environment.

You are looking for a guild with members dedicated to the guild before their characters.

You are not interested in loot, but rather the socially rewarding experience of boss kills

You are confident in your ability to compete at the level of an active raider, or to get there quickly without hindering the raid group.
You are open to suggestions.

You feel confident in your awareness in a raid environment, and are able to explain any split second decisions you make if asked

You over the age of 18.
This seems...familiar.

Best of luck in your search ;)

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