Dragon Soul recipe crafters

Argalin isn't in titan, he is just the crafter i got them from.
Happy holidays!
I can craft the Dreamwraps of the Light - http://www.wowhead.com/item=72003
Leather Agility Wrist (Pattern: Bladeshadow Wristguards)
Leather Caster Legs (Pattern: Leggings of Nature's Champion)

Bracers of Flowing Serenity
as well
Also just got the dps cloth pattern as well
Tank Legs
DPS Wrists
Healing Legs
Can make:
378 Int Mail Boots

397 Agi Mailwrists
397 Agi Mail Legs
397 Int Mail wrists
397 Int Leather Legs
I can make tank bracers.
I can now craft Bracers of Destructive Strength as well
I can craft the Bracers of Flowing Serenity
I can craft Bracers of the Hunter-Killer and Leggings of Natures Champion
The Myrmidons Crafting List


  • Foundations of Courage
    • Treeshadowz

  • Titanguard Wristplates
    • Treeshadowz

  • Unstoppable Destroyer's Legplates
    • Treeshadowz

  • Bracers of Destructive Strength
    • Alexandar


  • Dreamwraps of the Light
    • Lillyonna

  • Lavaquake Legwraps
    • Lillyonna

  • Bracers of Unconquered Power
    • Ghostraven

  • World Mender's Pants
    • Ghostraven


  • Bracers of Flowing Serenity
    • Aeon

  • Leggings of Nature's Champion
    • Aeon

  • Rended Earth Leggings
    • Aeon

  • Thundering Deathscale Wristguards
    • Aeon

  • Bladeshadow Wristguards
    • Woofkinsqt

  • Bracers of the Hunter-Killer
    • Captured

  • Deathscale Leggings
    • Biggilo

    Hope this is useful to anyone looking to have gear made. Good luck guys.
    First off, why the heck is this thread reported?!
    I'm hoping it's just because somebody thought they were voting for a sticky (of which, I think it should be).

    @OP, great idea to make a thread for this.
    Anyway, here's what I can make.

    Leather Working
    Bracers of the Hunter-Killer
    Deathscale Leggings
    Bladeshadow Wristguards
    Rended Earth Leggings

    While the following are not Dragon Soul patterns, here are some other items I can make as well (for fresh 85s, alts, etc).

    Footwraps of Quenched Fire
    Dragonkiller Tunic
    Corded Viper Belt
    Dragonscale Leg Armor
    Flintlocke's Woodchucker
    Gnomish X-Ray Scope

    If I'm not on this toon, I might be on one of my alts.
    But feel free to send a tell to me if I am.
    The names are Spineshark & Wolverhealer.

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