Gnome Shaman

haha i'd love to see the totems.
I don't think race/class restrictions should be in the game anymore.
Blizzard stop being racist and open every class for each race.
I understand it's a lore thing, but with pandas just figured lore doesn't matter anymore.
WTB gnome hunter for the real. Disengage would be worth it's weight in gold.
blah blah blah

Didn't know blizz planned on adding a Necromancer class !!!
No, never, forget it, will not happen, blasphemy, an insult, Elements, no, Master Garrosh's sake, Earthen Ring, atrocity, no.
I think it would be a great idea, besides I think it would look cool with a cogwheel spinning on a totem. In all realism though they would be pretty powerful considering the Expansive Mind racial and Arcane Resistance racial.

On the flipside though i dont see why they would allow Dwarves to do it when they shared a keep with the Gnomes. I think it would be a good idea for Blizzard to explore the idea considering resistances are gone in the next expac anyway.

Go Gnomes if the Goblins can do it so can you. Rock on Gnomies!
I would not appreciate gnome shaman.

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